Uber Driver Requirements

Do you want to become an Uber driver but don’t know what the Uber driver requirements are? It can be challenging to find all the information about the requirements for Uber drivers on official Uber sites. In this post, I will show you all the necessary requirements to be a  driver  for Uber. If you do fulfill the requirements, it is a pretty simple process to sign up to drive.

You can sign up here to become an Uber driver.

Here are the detailed Uber driver  requirements to drive for Uber:

Uber Driver Requirements

Uber Driver Age Requirements

  • You must be 21 years of age or older.
  • You must have 3 years driving experience. If you have recently moved from another state, it might be possible  may have to verify your driving history. Keep your out-of-state drivers license. You might need it.

Uber Driver LicenseOther Uber Driver Requirements

  • You need to have in-state car insurance in your name.
  • You must have in-state car registration. It does not need to be in your name.
  • You must have an in-state Driver’s License.
  • You must have a Social Security Number for a background check.

Background Check

  • Clean driving record.
  • Pass a background check.

The background check is done by a company called Hirease. It will take a few days.

Background check: make sure that in the past 7 years you have had…

  • No DUI or drug-related offenses.
  • No incidents of driving without insurance or license.
  • No fatal accidents
  • No history of reckless driving.
  • No criminal history.
Uber Driver Requirements

You must have a vehicle (or purchase one) that meets the Uber Driver  Requirements.

The UberX vehicle requirements are:

  • 4-door sedan, must seat 4 or more passengers excluding driver.
  • Year 2001* or newer.
  • In-state plates.
  • No marked, taxi, or salvaged vehicles.
  • Pass Uber vehicle inspection.
  • The car must be currently registered, but your name does not have to be on the registration.

*Uber car year requirements can vary by city. It is currently year 2001 or newer in many cities.

Uber BLACK Driver Requirements

What if I want to drive for Uber BLACK?

What are the UberBLACK driver requirements?

There are different requirements if you want to drive for Uber Black. The Uber BLACK driver requirements are commercial licensing, insurance and registration. Also, the Uber Black service requires you to have a luxury vehicle.

Becoming an Uber BLACK driver is more involved than becoming an UberX driver. You must have commercial car insurance, a TCP, and an airport permit in most cities. If you want to drive for Uber Black – follow the step-by-step instructions for your city here, including a detailed list of the Uber BLACK car requirements.

How do you apply to become an Uber driver?

You can read the full detailed step-by-step guide to becoming an Uber driver here.

A brief summary of the steps:

Step 1 – Complete an application online here.

Step 2 – Get your car inspected at one of the Uber vehicle inspection stations or at a 3rd party.

Step 3 – Wait for the background check to clear.

Step 4 – Start driving!

What if I don’t meet all the Uber driver requirements?

Here are the reasons why you might not be accepted to drive for Uber and what you can do to about it:

You are not 21 years old. 

Sorry but at the moment you will just have to wait until you are old enough or Uber changes the age requirement.

You don’t have a Social Security Number or are not allowed to work in the U.S.

You should consult an immigration attorney about this. Uber may let you sign up to drive if you have a SSN even if your visa does not allow you to work in the U.S., but this is not recommended as it may violate the terms of your visa.

You didn’t pass the background check.

If you requested a copy of the background check when you applied, then you should see why you are not accepted. Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do about it other than wait. Most offenses are taken off your record after 7 years.

Your car doesn’t qualify.

If your car doesn’t qualify then consider getting an upgrade. You can often find great deals on used cars. The increased income from driving for Uber should more than compensate for a small monthly car payment. Check out our list of the best cars to drive for Uber.

You don’t have the required in-state documents.

You must have an in-state license, in-state registration and in-state insurance. If you don’t have these then you will have to get them.


The best way to find out if you meet all of the Uber driver requirements is to just apply. It is quick and easy. In addition, if you sign up with our referral link you can get a cash bonus.

Sign up to drive with Uber for a cash bonus!

  1. I signed up using my phone and there wasn’t a referral link for bonus. Do I still get a bonus for signing if I’m approved? What is Lyft?

    1. You only get a bonus if you use the link or enter the code manually while signing up.
      The referral link on this website should work from your phone.
      Lyft is another ridesharing platform like Uber. It is available in many of the same markets as Uber. Many drivers sign up to drive with both companies.

  2. I am located in Southwest Washington (State), and am interested in becoming an Uber driver but on the web site it says I need a Vancouver and Portland Business license. Is this common?? and do I have to have a business license for each town/city I drive in or to?

  3. Hi, I am wondering if any drivers ordered those free black business card coupons to sign up new passengers. They said we would get paid 5$ per person signed up. So far I have left them in hotels, etc. No bonus…

  4. I live in north Carolina and I’m an uber driver. I frequently visit florida and stay for months at a time. Can I uber in florida with my north Carolina information??

  5. The in-state requirements are unfair, many major cities border multiple states, why should I HAVE to live in the state the city is in if I already live 5 minutes out of town across the border in a neighboring state.

  6. Can you drive for uber if your city isn’t listed
    Thus site is only repeating what you already know
    It’s suppose to answer the difficult question ?

  7. I have a 2002 silverado it is not a 4 door u have to open the passenger door in order to open the back doors it seats 5 does will it meet the requirements

  8. How can you get your City/Town up to Uber speed? Lake Havasu City is a tourist town with out Uber? I would like to be an Uber driver

  9. Hi . i just see UBER inThailand . my country share border with Thailand.namely Lao PDR( Laos) ..i aslo want to drive for UBER ..how ?

  10. I signed up to drive with Uber a few months ago and was denied due to a speeding violation of 20mph or more on October 22nd 2012. Uber said that it takes 3 years for the violation to go away. Tomorrow the three years will be up, do I have to do another background check or will Uber automatically approve me to drive from tomorrow?

    1. Year requirements for Uber cars may vary by city or region. Check your local Uber Partner Site for specifics. You can find details on how to do so here.

  11. Hi,
    I have a 1999 4 door sedan… it just missed the oldest model requirement by one year but it’s in fair condition and can pass inspection. Is it possible that it could still be accepted?

  12. Hey,

    I want to start driving Uber. Crazy thing is I had some violations all in the month of Nov of 2012 meaning they all fall off. If I apply today and then get rejected because of those, is there a time period that I must wait before I can try for a background check again?


  13. How safe is that site they ask for ur pic of ur dr license and ur ss # thats all anyone needs for identity theft sounds a little fishy

  14. What are the expenses related to insurance? From what I gather Uber has a 1 million dollar policy that becomes effective when you are online with the Uber app. But who is paying for this and how does this affect you personal insurance since you are now using your vehicle for business purposes?

    1. As far as I can tell, in Ohio, at least, the insurance requirements regarding Uber drivers are fuzzy. However, in my opinion, you should contact your insurance agent so he or she can talk to their underwriter to see how they want you to classify the vehicle. Some companies may require you to change the status to “work” as opposed to “commute or pleasure”. That’s the very least; the vehicle will probably have to be classified as “used for delivery”, as well, both of which can change premiums quite a bit. In any event, be sure to contact your agent or agency to ask what their specific requirements are and to make the proper changes.

  15. Can I uber from anywhere in the state that I am registered in if I travel a lot or can you only uber from your registered location?

  16. I contacted my insurance company, Geico and they do not have any coverage yet for ride sharing in the state of Florida. They also told me that If I used my existing policy that I would be canceled and furthermore the insurance provided by Uber is liability only that is stacked on top of your existing policy. So the Uber insurance does not cover damage to the vehicle and the liability portion would only be used after my insurance has been exhausted. I found that you are taking a big risk by in that you could be wiped out by trying to make a buck as a Uber driver, it is not worth it. Here is an informative link,


  17. Under the seven year crimminal background check, list all types of reasons that will prevent an applicant on becoming a uber driver…

  18. With so many promo codes out there with no sort of rating/reviews. How can you tell which codes are ligit and not scams? So which free promo code(s) would be ligit to use for a first time user in honolulu, hawaii?

  19. I have new drivers license from Iowa state for a month now ,and i have international license from UAE dubai,for more than 4 years.
    Can I drive for uber?

      1. There are some great people out there! Just took a ride with a older gentleman on Oxygen. He also had told me he was on disability. He could be sitting at home watching tv but he’s trying to work.

  20. Well I just got my drivers license a year ago in February can I still get my drivers license despite the year drivers license only with no record

  21. I had a driver license from California before 5 months, but i have a driver license from my country in Middle East for about 5 years
    Can i work in Uber or i should wait for 8 month for my California driver license ?

    Thank you

  22. I have a Ford explorer spot Trac.
    Seats 4 plus driver. Average 16 mpg city and 20 mpg hwy.
    Is that ok for an Uber driver. Does anyone ever request a truck?

  23. I had a driver license from ECUADOR ( many year ) ,but i have a driver license a three months ago from CA, well i just got my Itin Number, i dont have a Social Security Number….Can i drive for UBER ?

  24. I have new driver license from California state, but I have gotten driver license in my country (IRAN) for 20 years and I have international driving permit, can I drive for uber.

  25. I just got my US driving license but I have been driving for 20 years. I have international driving license, Would Uber accepts me as driver?

  26. What about a chauffeur license and a business license to be able to pick up riders ? I just got 2 citations for not having it while picking up the ride in Glenview, Il.

  27. I drive a 96 Saturn 2 door coupe that seats 4 w/trunk space. Its a 5 speed manual transmission, 1.9L engine , DOHC. A/C & Heat with Auto door locks and windows. Stocked DVD player W/surround sound via car speakers. FM/AM stereo w/casette, Which is a request for those sticking with the simpler times. This Vehicle is stepping into limited edition model being one of little few that uses flip up headlights keeping the spoiler at the rear for the aerodynamics. Dual overhead cam , fuel injected making this model most fuel efficient no longer a saturn name which is now GM owned. Purchased car in 2011,employed 3/tenths of a mile from home where RENT is due weekly . Few hrs. shy from full time, clocking out of work around Midnight. Weekly paycheck directly deposited as well as Metromile insured. Licensed to drive @ 16 gives 24 yrs of skilled driving Clean record. Having paid $40 monthly insurance seems the lowest I’ve found so I went with Metromile. Uber was constructing now here we are wanting to put my dedication and reliability as a single Father to a 12 yr old Jr high schooled daughter that driving for Uber is the idealist way to have more funds available to help raise her without having to worry about if food will be an issue to purchase day to day. There isnt an easier step to take than to decline my application perfect applicant having a vehicle that is 4 years shy of your guidlines with my position in life of starting anew and available at witching hrs. to make a stranger happy ->in having this service,->for making my child happy->>> making me the happiest Uber Team Member. UBER U Buy Easy Ride.

    1. No need to write a novel about it.
      That’s an old car, and those are the rules – no old cars.
      What do you hope to gain by posting that here? Uber won’t see it.

    2. You really think a customer gives a shit about how many liters the engine has? Is this your first time on the internet, you’re applying for a job in a comments section of an unrelated website.

  28. Hi I’m lotus i m looking driving job. I’m staying in hout bay I have drivers licence with PDP. I have experienced from table mountain national park and village and life (the bay hotel)

    1. And you really think this is the best place to post?
      Geez. Ask around locally, nobody here can help you.

  29. i bought mu daughter a car and the loan and registration is in my nane ..how do i stop her from doing uber since i will be responsible since i own the car and registration?

    1. Tell her not to.
      If you can’t trust her, you shouldn’t be putting her stuff in your name. Better yet, don’t put her stuff in your name period. Some things are better learned / experienced on their own, including higher loan and insurance rates. I did it, many of us have.

  30. Hello, I would like to make a complaint about a driver for Uber in Des Moines, Iowa. The entire time I was in the vehicle he was on his cell phone making drug deals. Meth specifically. I heard him say the word meth 4 times in one phone call. then, before dropping me off at my destination he made a pit stop and a guy came up to his side of the car and handed him money and then my driver handed him a clear sandwich bag with what appeared to cocaine or meth. The driver said sorry but he needed to make his money. Since it’s almost impossible to find a customer service complaint method with Uber I decided to leave my complaint here. the driver’s name is Christian in Des Moines, Iowa.

    1. And you stayed in the person’s car?!? I wouldn’t be in someone’s car that was making meth deals – fear of police(everyone in the car usually gets charged with possession), fear of DUI accident, fear of someone on meth in general, I just could not do it and then complain about it on some non uber website! Good grief!

    2. Oh My Gracious, you’ve got to be more careful.– just like Tactful said in these comments everyone gets charged no questions asked– Did they reply back with any information?? If not that’s Fucked up!!! Just be more cautious in your future trips.

    3. Why didn’t you have the driver stop at nearest public location such as a store, have him wait while you called police with his tag number???

  31. I don’t know if you’re still checking your comments for this post, but if so I was wondering if you could answer a question about the 3-year minimum driving experience rule. Do those 3 years have to be consecutive? I drove for 4 years in MI before moving to NYC, where I never bothered to get a license since I never drove. Now I’m back in MI and am in the process of getting a new license here. My previous driving record was completely spotless, but it has been 12 years since that license expired. Do you know if those years would still count?

  32. gud am..ask lng pwede ba ako mag pa register to be become a uber driver..kahit hndi p ako naka bili ng car? meron na ako requirements.paano ako maka register on line?.balak ako kukuha ng car para ako mag drive.pls. reply asap tnx much & god bless!

    1. It says you have to be 18 to have an uber account, as in to use uber. You have to be 21 to actually drive for uber.

  33. I had a dui back in February 2008, 8 years ago. I just got an email from uber saying they might not except my application because of that. Is this possible even though it’s been over 7 years?

  34. I’m the registered owner of two vehicles my 1st vehicle is a 4-door luxury Cadillac and my 2nd vehicle is an minivan with dual sliding doors on both sides.
    All I’m asking is which vehicle would you think I shall register to sign up to Uber with, or it doesn’t matter???
    Or,can I register them both??

  35. I have a 2011 Chevy Equinox. I am a volunteer with a organization that does emergency services. Such as traffic control. I have emergency services on the back of my car is this ok?

  36. i have a 2010 honda insight. It is a 4 door car, but not a sedan- has decent room. Would that work?

    1. I have heard of people using 4 door trucks. You might want to include pictures on the inside as well or just drive it over to the nearest UBER inspection station and ask them directly. It’s probably way more comfortable than a Prius though you may need a step stool for short people.

  37. Is there a min hours I have to work for uber ? I have been busy with my main job, didn’t have time to do uber yet . but I signed up as driver and passed everything .

  38. 3 yrs ago i was pulled over for “not completely stopping at a stop sign” (which was bs). One of the officers administered a field sobriety test, which according to both officers i passed. I was still ticketed for a dui under speculation… I brought this to court and the judge laughed at the arresting officer and dropped all charges in court stating that i was wrongfully accused. Will this prevent me from being approved?

  39. With all these rules and regulations. We should all apply for food stamps, have 10 kids and apply for free government housing

    1. Yeah but signing up to drive for Uber was so much easier. And less rules and regulations than the welfare office requires

    2. What does this have to do with anything? It’s a job. Also if you really think that living on welfare and government handouts are such an easy way to live, why don’t you quit your job and try it out?

      1. Yell him again Lauren…People are too lazy to even fill out paper work…that should tell you they would be lazy at the job..

        1. I think all of you completely missed his point, which was that people wishing to be productive and make their own money waste as much time filling out paperwork and coloring inside worthless lines as those who don’t.

    3. You are an ass. An easy few rules to follow. Why is that such a problem for you?
      Food stamps are for people who are struggling to make it, not for jerks who can’t follow a few basic rules.

      1. 20k? I’m tired of people getting rewarded for having no self control and no ability to plan for the future. I don’t have kids, and I work my ass off so that the FED can steal my money, effectively lowering my actual annual pay to near poverty level, and give it to all of these leeches. We should tie welfare programs to military service and see just how many people start making better life choices. “Oh, you need money? Here is a rifle and a baby sitter, have fun.”

        1. They’re not leeches. You are continuing to assume characteristics made by society. Have you looked into the facts? Obviously not. You and Richard should get an education together, you can become butt buddies. So cute.

        2. The Federal Government isn’t stealing your money. You’re paying board to stay in the country. It costs money to run, you know. Life isn’t free. XD

    4. Not to be mean, was your comment about uber? My mother always said, whom she worked for the State, if you are in need, go get dress, apply and if you qualify go get what you paid into. People fail to recognize that numerous people who are on welfare are working minimum wages, and have paid into the system, how do i know. I had for Social Service, now retired. They may be disabled and can’t work or work what amount of hours their body allows them to, etc. The bottom line if the government did not want people on welfare of all colors, they should stop allowing these greedy corporations to outsource causing major loss of jobs, health insurance, pensions, etc. Bringing bad products back into this country, jacking up the prices on poor quality crap, selling to people who can’t afford to buy it. The ceo’s, governmental officials, rich don’t give a crap about the poor or so call middle class. I hear comments well they are living off of my taxes. No they are not. And for the people the government allows to abuse the system, the government is the biggest welfare recipients I have ever seen. Nobody complains about them. They waste billions of dollars and because these crooks (every last one of them) write the laws they get away with it. And where is free govenment housing, I don’t know anyone who gets that except some of the immigrants, not mexicans, not illegals, come into this country and are given free money to open up businesses, etc. and don’t have to pay that back. let me end because none of my comment has anything to do with uber. I am sorry I wasted anyones time reading this.

  40. I was wondering if Uber drivers are required to periodically submit driving records, what types of driving records those are, and how often if they are required.

  41. I have had one accident recently. Does that put me out of the running? If so, how long do I have to wait.

  42. In Birmingham, AL if you want to drive for Uber you have to have to apply for city and county business licenses. How do you apply for them, as an individual or LLC (a company); it is mostly about liability in case of an accident…

  43. If you have a scratch on the car, not deep or horrible, but everything else is fine, will that disqualify your car?

  44. I am a direct sales consultant with Younique and my husband is using our car (with my DS information on it- website, phone # etc), is this acceptable?

  45. My cousin wants to drive my car for Uber I’m not a uber driver can he use my car if he is on my insurance policy

  46. I HAVE A 2000 Toyota Prius that’s in mint condition looks like new is that acceptable to drive as uber car

  47. I’ve a US driver license witch is 5 month old and they are asking for 1 year experience, but back to my country I’ve a driving experience of 8 years plus I’ve been driving inside the US with my international driving license for 2 years. would that work ? to be qualified ??

  48. Hi Guys, i would like to start work as Uber driver, i live in Atlanta, can i buy (lease) a car here start working with Uber and then ship the car to Los Angeles and work there..? how does work please ? any advise appreaciate…

  49. There are 8 requirements:

    A background check By the FBI


    Check for any outstanding warrants against you

    Drug test


    Vehicle inspection

    Fire extinguisher located in front seat of vehicle

    Drive a car no older than 7 years old with less than 150,000 miles on it

    Happy Uber-ing – definitely the wave of the future!

    1. I did not get sent through a driv test. No one has said anything about a fire extinguisher nor body physical. They inspected my car verfied driving history of one year and inspected my 2016 chevy cruze Ls.

    1. I once had a tvdl and now a regular license. Went to the Uber office and the lady said my one year driving experience with tvdl before getting the normal license did not count???
      Please is tvdl not a license used in driving in USA, am just confused

  50. I have driven in three different markets for Uber and Lyft. The first was Ann Arbor/Detroit Mi and I was allowed to drive with my current Kansas DL, a current Kansas registered vehicle(2014 Ford Edge), and Michigan No-Fault insurance. I drove there from May ’14 thru Nov ’14. When Wichita, Kansas opened I started driving there on weekends when I was home from Detroit. Of course I had a Kansas DL, a different Kansas registered vehicle, and Kansas Car insurance. When I was later sent from Michigan to California, I drove there too.

  51. I drive a 2001 Volkswagen Golf TDI, it is a 5 door hatchback, including the hatch, so I’m wondering if I can be an Uber driver. It is extremely good on gas which is why I would love to drive it for Uber, but I didn’t see if hatchbacks were applicable to drive.

          1. It also says that your car should seat 4 people, not including the driver, so 5 people total.

            Guessing a Golf isn’t going to cut it, unless your passengers are VERY friendly.

  52. I have in my driving history 3 violations: 2 driving without license feb 2015, and one speeding 15-19 mph over speed limit. What is my chances to become a driver ? And after I did get any tickets, and Iam not breaking traffic rules

    1. It should if anything it should make more money than the average car. It is 4 doors and newer than 2001.

  53. I signed up for lyft through your link am 100% verified and did my first few pickups. I did not receive any sign on bonus.

  54. I tried to sign up to drive at Lyft, with the link and code you provided. It has a window called Apply Now with your code in it, but when I enter my info, it sends me a text with a 4 digit code, but nothing else happens. There is nothing to tell me what to DO with the code, and no other window or info is available. I tried to find a driver app for Lyft (like I have for Uber), but there is not one in the store. In summary, as it is I can not sign up to drive with Lyft. Something is wrong. Any suggestions?

  55. Can anyone tell me if I can use my 2016 Dodge Charger “Scat Pack” with (485HorsePower) or a 2012-2014 Chysler 300 “SRT8” (470HorsePower) for UBER or LYFT in NEW YORK? And if these cars qualify for UberBLACK and UberLUX if they’re both cars are BLACK,With BLACK interior,and LEATHER seats!?

  56. Can a Resident Alien who has only been in the USA for six months drive for Uber? – former Taxi Driver in another country.

  57. Pretty similar requirement for Singapore to be Uber/ Grab Driver. But come next year, the goverment is regulating the car hailing/ car sharing app industry by introducing a requirement for Uber/ grab driver to get a vocation license .

    Which i think is a good move to control the industry and make sure they delivers certain level of standard for the passengers.

  58. I dont have driving licence and when i apply for licence they are telling i cant drive uber not after 1 year i will get tr licence but i can drive car properly now i am 43 year old and i know driving properly now what i have to do reply me

    1. If you do not have a driver’s license you cannot legally drive ANYTHING, and you can be arrested if you are pulled over.

  59. I have everything in state accept my drivers license. In state registration, in state insurance. However I have another part time job & do not care to change to my license state*… If i can register a car with an out state license & get insurance why do I need an In state license?? A valid license is a valid license.

    1. Depends upon the city. Dallas allows out of state drivers licences but requires in state auto insurance and registration. Orlando is, as of 4/16 accepting drivers with out of state documents. Check with the city you want to drive in first.

  60. Can anyone tell me if you have to inform your insurance company you are doing this and if they will increase my insurance?

  61. I have a 2010 15 passenger van. Are drivers compensated for the number of passengers? Are there ever calls for larger vehicles? Or just the usual 4dr car? Thank you

  62. Don’t use the link on this website. I was under the impression that I’m getting $500 from Aaron but I never received the money. All I got was $25. I repeat, don’t use the link as referral from this website.

  63. I really was counting on driving for this company. I have an issue on my back ground but never was convicted. It doesn’t specify if that will count against you. 🙁

  64. I have been trying to drive for Uber but they keep saying that I need something that states that I have had my driver’s license for more than a year. I had just renewed my license. They told me to go to the DMV to get a drivers record but all it says on the paper that I got was when I renewed it. I then called the Department of Revenue. They told me I needed a Clearance Letter but when I got that it just had my name my birthday and when I need to renew my license. Can anybody tell me what I need to get and how to get it?

  65. You are an ass. An easy few rules to follow. Why is that such a problem for you?
    Food stamps are for people who are struggling to make it, not for jerks who can’t follow a few basic rules.

        1. Yes, if it’s less than ten years old and in good condition. There IS a list in the article with the requirements. There is a specific designation for SUV in the app.

          1. I did Uber driving for the first a few hours ago. I love it! I’m addicted. I’m driving all day today.. Can’t wait!

          2. And what are you going to do when a gay person becomes your client and you have to take him or her somwhere. i mean your name is antigay militant 😱

          3. I would give them a ride just like any other person; my personal belief does not interfere with my business.

  66. I received a dui in Pa 8 years ago and I was denied as a driver I thought when I read it said nothing with in the last 7 years that’s why I applied but that was not the case

  67. I have a 2010 Nissan Versa, it should be on the list but isn’t. This is why I applied for Lyft instead. They are less strict. I think Uber needs to be a bit more open to car brands. They are so limited, and no I am not going to buy a new car just to drive for Uber. I finally paid my car off that I have now.

  68. I worked with an alarm company .My area was Park City .I know there city authorization to be able to drive there in certain times Who is responsible to get the city license Me or the company

  69. its apparent uber lets ppl who did a long time in prison for attempted murder and drug dealing drive for them. what about the safety of the riders?????????????

    1. If someone hasn’t had a criminal offense in over 7 years there is a reasonable certainty that they won’t recidivate. Besides, you come in contact with previous felons all day, every day, and often don’t know about it.

  70. Curious if you can sign up in one state and get qualified, and then also operate in another state? I may have to spend part of the winter taking care of aging parents, and I need to find income–but I don’t want to re-register my car for a few months…..

  71. I’m a Uber driver. I live in Elkton Maryland. I want to be able to drive and pick up customers in neighboring Wilmington Delaware. How can I become qualified to work in the state of Delaware?

  72. I have a question. Is an In-state license still required if you’re Active Duty Military? I’m not from here. Just stationed here.

          1. Bouye answered without knowing what he was talking about. No you don’t need any special licensing except for a driver’s license. For Uberblack, you do need a special permit, yes.

  73. What if you commute in to Va Beach, Va from NC for one job and want to drive in The Hampton Roads area? How would that work?

  74. I have a dwai on my license from five years ago. its not a dwi…its a driving infraction, just a ticket. Can I still drive with Uber?

  75. So.. a brand new jeep wrangler 4 door hardtop that seats 5 people wouldn’t qualify because it’s not a “sedan”?

    hey uber people…you should let me drive my jeep and give people rides. my jeep is awesome and people love riding in it. so… don’t be lame and say no. : )

  76. I live in Southern PA, right at the MD border, by in-state driver’s licence does that mean I can drive in PA, but not in MD?? That seems stupid…I would get much more riders in MD…and what about driving to Washington , DC? Do their rules even prohibit an MD driver from going to DC? That is just messed up!

  77. Hi, I have a phv business in london and in birmingham, uk.

    can i register my cars and chauffers to ply on uber?

  78. What does my registration look like? I found my original registration from when I purchased but then I renewed and have current plates but no documentation (besides the plates) that has a current date which is what they are asking for. Please help on what exactly I need–thanks!

  79. It says must pass criminal background check but doesn’t specify beyond that. I have an immaculate driving history but I have shoplifting misdemeanors. Does that disqualify me?

  80. I want to drive for Uber but not use my personal vehicle. I want to rent a car through Enterprise and use their insurance. How do you go about doing this as I believe Uber has to first approve you before you can rent through enterprise.

  81. Question
    I have the experience of 10 years as a driver (back in my country Albania) but the thing is that I moved here in the U.S only 2 years ago and my driving experience here is not even 6 months(as a driver). Am I still qualified for it, or I need the experience of 3 years here in the U.S.

  82. I’m having a hard time signing in I don’t remember my password follow instructions and I get a page that says not cool man what am I to do start over or what

  83. I signed up to drive with uber and my info has been saying pending for months now I just wanna know what’s going on?

  84. Hi guys I have another contrie driver’s license but it traduce in English I did that last week In my ambasy here in Washington, D.C. Can someone tell me if that can work with uber please?

    CONTACT: 9654677233, 8130450940

  86. i had a ticket 3 months from being 7 years ago. It was for driving a car with a out of date registration. would that stop me from driving?

  87. How is that possible? It clearly states in the rules that a driver with less than a years’ experience cannot be an Uber driver.

  88. Is there a number to contact Uber for drivers? I’m not trying to cause trouble, however, I’ve had several drivers be down right harassing, rude, disrespectful and threatening. (Was even called a cunt by a fellow driver and I had done nothing to deserve such treatment)

    I’ve also seen drivers with out of state license plates (a no no per the rules) and the biggest issue is drivers that do not follow rules of the road. Example: Going around an entire line of drivers when sitting at a red light when it is illegal to turn right on a red. (This happens at O’Hare constantly)
    Many have also gone around the line trying to get into the TNP lot to jump into the queue ahead of the others. I’ve even seen a fight break out in the TNP lot at O’Hare between drivers.

    Needless to say, I’ve had my fill of this bs behavior. This kind of behavior needs to stop.

  89. No he is not. Uber rules clearly states he must have at least 3 years experience.
    “Uber Driver Age Requirements:
    You must be 21 years of age or older.
    You must have 3 years driving experience. If you have recently moved from another state, you may have to verify your driving history. Keep your out-of-state drivers license. You might need it.”

    1. You have to have 3 years of driving experience, but it does not have to be here in this state. That’s why they tell you that if you recently moved here they may check your driving record in your prior state. Use some common sense here people. If you worked for Uber for your full time job and then had to move to another state for some reason, Uber isn’t going to make a rule that now you can’t drive until you’ve been driving in the new state for 3 years. Nobody would do that.

      1. OP clearly stated that he has only been driving in the STATES for 1 year. Actually, DOESN’T have 1 yr experience driving in the states

  90. Ok. My name is Jeremy Penney. I’ve been driving for eleven years, and just recently obtained my license. I drive better than most people that have had their license longer than I. It should go by performance, not years driving. Anyone can get a license. It takes skill to keep it. Took me eleven years due to the fact that I didn’t have any way to go for my road test. I also just recently had a job as a cab driver. My passengers asked how long I’ve been driving for the company. I was only with the company for just over a day. $60 per day for car lease. I drive a car the way it’s supposed to be driven. Customer is in a hurry, get them to their destination safely and fast. Knowing how to handle the vehicle is the most important factor. Going too slow is more dangerous. I also don’t talk or text while driving. My focus is on the road. I do have points on my license before I even received it due to an accident in Montana during snowy weather. Never experienced black ice before. If companies are only going to focus on negatives instead of both positives and negatives, that company shouldn’t be in business. Everyone deserves a chance.

    1. So, you drove for 11 years without a license? NO …. that doesn’t count! Are you crazy? In 11 years you “you didn’t have any way to go for your road test”? You’re very fortunate you’re not in jail.

    1. they will send you a email when you pass saying so..it takes anywhere from 3 to seven days for your background check to go though..good luck!

  91. HI guys, i just got my driving license this month, but i don’t have 3 years driving record in state, but i driving last 15 years in an other country even i have that driving license with me is the value that.

  92. Once you are sign up how long does it take to get you car inspected and to get your background check all done?

  93. On the inspection what does that require?

    Just a general in state inspection or more in depth. I live in WV so the state already requires inspect on all vehicles? Is your inspect any different?

  94. saya syamsudin sopir driver uber kenapa uang mingguan sy tidak pernah masuk dalem rekening saya,ad masuk cuman sekali yg 2 minggu sebelumnya tidak masuk sama yg minggu kemaren mohon kompirmasinya

  95. can anyone help me? I have been attempting to sign up with Uber to drive. They keep saying I do not have 1 year driving experience but I have over 30 years. It is because I renewed my license in 5 months ago. I have uploaded by old licence 5 times when I get a message that is all I need to do and they keep sending me messages to upload my old license. Very frustrating… Thanks. Ed

  96. hi guys how r you all today I have a quick question I want to drive uber x but I have only 3 months old WA license but I have my old Indian license around 4 years old I have t Extension with me as well please let me known that I am accepted to drive uber x or not Thanks

  97. I have a classic 1962 Mercury Monterey, it is in good condition. If it will pass the car inspection would it pass the requirements?

  98. I am sooooo frustrated with your non-user friendly site-u have sent me a link to re-register my driver’s license which you said was too blurred to read-& I can’t access the window to do so…all I get is user earnings, tax information (dead end) or banking….

  99. So I was looking at the 5 best cars to drive for uber and the hotel listed a “bonus car” as the Chevy Volt. This is the car I drive, the problem it only seats 4 people total including the driver. Would I still qualify as a driver with this vehicle??

  100. i really hit a big hole leaving a destination with a rider. about less than 5 minutes later i started losing power to my car and heard a noise in my car. i dropped off my rider as i turned around my car was barely able to continue. i have a nissan 2013 sentra. I had it towed to nissan to find out i had strut damage, a hub and something else. 1800.00 damage, ugh… My car was previously inspected the previous week so there was no previous damage. I submitted it through my insurance as they have not gone to the dealership yet. is this something uber is supposed to handle. I sent them a text this morning.

  101. Hello, I have sign up for Uber got everything situated and I am ready to drive, but I have not take my first trip yet I’m kinda skeptical now….how will I pay my taxes? don’t want the IRS to come after me. Also, I was told the Higher guys or unprofessional and rude. when and how often do you get paid.

  102. i moved to florida from PA in 2014 but don’t have my old PA license. how can I show proof of my past license without the physival one?

  103. How do I know if I can take riders as well as delivery’s. Oh and when I got the first text it said ur delivery account is now active does that mean that’s all I do?

  104. I would like to drive for uber but I have spent 3 hours trying to login. The program cannot distinguish the difference between Rider and Driver, therefore, I cannot login to submit my car registration, insurance, picture and inspection report. I have a CTS and would like to drive Uber Black. If I cannot get in touch with them I guess I will drive for Lyft

  105. Can I have a driver, if I’m register for uber, if he passes all the requirements, taking turns driving my car ?

  106. hello, I’m trying to get my son to drive with uber, his car is too old, don’t they have a car program where you can rent a car to work with ?

  107. I do not have a social security but I have 10 years of having a license and a good m
    anagement record I can apply with my ITIN NUMBER

  108. What if I am on my oldest sister insurance policy and she deployed in Germany and don’t have the insurance verification paper will i still be eligible or could i get a copy from her insurance company since i am on the policy too and it’s for my car

      1. just contact the insurance company and tell them you need a copy of the insurance card for your car. They can email or mail you one as long as insurance is paid up and valid.

    1. Is your car registered, inspected, and insured in both states? If not, there’s your answer.
      Insurance travels with you, but your coverage is based on where you park at night, not where you drive to.

  109. I’m handicapped but drive and have license and I see that I meet up with all the requirements…can I still qualify to drive with uber?

  110. Anyone out there that Drive Uber but have had a DUI but got approved anyways? I got mine in ’08 so Im a little nervous about specifically that part.

  111. Show me the money. Every ad, every site regarding Uber, avoid talking money. Uber is cheap and easy for the customer. Cheaper and Easier than calling a Taxi Cab. So how much of a $6 Uber fare does the driver pocket.? I know the requirements… what’s the pay ?

  112. Uber Requirements –https://uberrequirements.net/ Whether you’re sustaining your household or conserving for something large, being a rideshare driver offers you the flexibility to obtain behind the wheel when it makes sense for you.Pick when you drive, decide where you go, and you even decide who you take. Drive when you want. Do you have a vehicle? Turn it right into a money machine. The city is buzzing and also being a rideshare operator makes it very easy for you to capitalize the action. Plus,

  113. Today my license is renewed i have respected. Can i join in your company for drivering. Original license well come 15 to 20 days.

  114. If you are here on a visa that does not permit you to work and Uber hires you, you both should be prosecuted and you should subsequently be deported never to be allowed into the USA again. Because you are taking jobs away from Citizens.

  115. The requirement list says “If you don’t have a Social Security Number or are not allowed to work in the U.S You should consult an immigration attorney about this”. Better yet go back to where you came from.

  116. They gave me the runaround for almost two weeks waitlisted. I had already been driving uber eats and had over a hundred deliveries and decided to go in and meet all the requirements to drive people and get the certification requirements done and the car inspection upon doing that I was, firstly the websites say it takes 20-30 minutes I was there for two and a half hours . My account was merely suspended due to the upgrading of the paperwork and such then when they decided to run the background again for the second time I have a negligent driving on my record that I paid $14,000 for it to not bite me in the ass down the road and now I can’t drive for seven years because I’ve been negligent driving it says right and black and white no DUIs my ticket says negligent driving not DUI. Furthermore the whole time I was waiting with no money coming in this 10 to 12 days to find out what their decision was they were instructing me via text message and email to meet all the other requirements including paying $25 to take a defensive driving course that took up for hours of my time only to be rejected in the end anyway. I’m in the process of deleting account. Resigning up to just deliver food, which is where I should have left it in the first place I suppose. So we’ll see if I’m good enough this time to do it.

  117. I believe that I have been stopped and ticketed for not having insurance within the last seven years. My question is two-fold- first, how bad is that on an Uber application? Second, if I was ticketed, but when I got to court, was able to present proof of insurance and have it thrown out, does that count, and again, how badly?

  118. To many people of today, do not know how to value each ones point of views. Awareness and kindness is best to respond to the differences and ideas and the lives of others. Many lack the most important value of what every person deserves RESPECT.
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  119. Hey all,
    So i have a question, if i had my driver licence for 5 years, i know i can pass the background screening, only thing is i don’t have a car, and i’m sure their are uber drivers that would rent out their car, would this still be acceptable?

  120. They may be disabled and can’t work or work what amount of hours their body allows them to, etc. The bottom line if the government did not want people on welfare of all colors, they should stop allowing these greedy corporations to outsource causing major loss of jobs, health insurance, pensions, etc.Uber Driver Requirements

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