Should Uber Drivers Use Dashcams?

Can Uber drivers use dashcams? Are Uber drivers allowed to use dashcams?

Uber dashcam legality

While Uber, as a company, allows its drivers to use in-vehicle video cameras (aka dashcams) to record passengers for reasons of accountability and safety, it’s worth noting that local legal restrictions (depending on geographic area) may prohibit the use of dashcams.

In most states in the continental United States, it is currently legal (circa 2017) to install a dashcam and record video within a private vehicle for purposes of safety and accountability.

However, it is always worth telling passengers that they are being recorded – or otherwise clearly displaying a printed sign inside a vehicle which states, ‘You are being filmed’.

In certain areas, drivers may need to obtain consent from passengers in order to record via an in-vehicle dashcam. Uber recommends that drivers enquire with local authorities about restrictions on dashcam usage.

Dashcams – Recommended Models

For more information on dashcams, as well as an overview of a variety of popular models, check out the following articles on the subject of dashcams for Uber drivers.

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