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Should I tip my UberEATS driver?

Do you tip an UberEATS delivery driver?

Many UberEATS customers ask the questions, ‘Are Tips Included In My UberEATS Total?’ And, ‘Am I Expected to Tip My UberEATS Driver?’

UberEATS Tipping – Not Required or Expected

UberEAT’s app does not add tips when it is billing you for the restaurant order. This means that, if you want to tip your delivery courier, you are going to have to add the tip yourself. Tipping is not required or expected when using UberEATs, which is why tips are not automatically added to your total, via Uber’s App.

If you would like to tip your courier, you can tip them with cash when you receive your order. The app does not support tipping your courier at the moment. Drivers are welcome to accept or decline the tip. Tipping is voluntary, so you can pick the amount that you are comfortable with.  If the driver declines the tip, please respect their wishes.

However, tips could be added by the restaurant. So, if you are not sure if tips are included in the order, you should speak with restaurant management before placing your order.

Cash Tipping – The Only Way to Tip on UberEATS

Tipping is not required when you are using UberEats. If you want to tip you, you can. You will need to tip with cash though because UberEats does not have a tipping function in the app. Cash tips are the only tips that are accepted by most couriers. The courier also can decide if they are going to accept tips or not.

Tipping the restaurant should be done when you are placing the order. There is no support for tipping the pickup location on UberEATs. Most restaurants will allow you to tip them when you are placing an order. Some restaurants will have tips automatically added to your bill – but, please note: this tip will not go to the courier.

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