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Can I Order From Multiple Restaurants in the Same UberEATS Order? Can I Order Multiple UberEATS Meals?

UberEATS allows you to order as many items as you would like from the same restaurant in the same order. You just need to add the items that you would like into your cart and place your order by clicking on the checkout button. Your order will be prepared and delivered by the same courier.

However, you cannot order from multiple restaurants in the same order.

It is easy to order from different restaurants using UberEATs. If you want to order from multiple restaurants, you can place one order, and then order from another restaurant (while your initial order is being prepared & delivered). It should be noted that each individual order will have its own delivery fee (and the delivery fee will depend on the restaurant that you are ordering from). Your orders may arrive at the same time, but it is more likely that the orders will arrive at different times.

To improve the likelihood that your orders will arrive at the same time, you can place a note in the Special Instruction field on the checkout page. This can tell a restaurant if they should start preparing the order right away (or, otherwise, wait a few minutes to start preparing your meals). It is still highly likely that two different couriers are going deliver your separate orders. The tracking feature on the Uber App will help you find out when your orders are going to be delivered.

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