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The most common issue that UberEATS customers have while using the UberEATs system is with their actual orders (specifically, missing items; incorrect items; or delivery issues).

Missing or incorrect items should be reported to UberEATs as soon as you discover there is the issue with your order. You can call 1-800-616-9156 to reach UberEATs to have your order corrected. This number can also help customers who’s orders are taking longer than normal to arrive; if an order is damaged; or if there was is an issue with a delivery’s overall quality.

UberEATS Help Team & UberEATS Promo Code Help

You can also connect UberEATs by connecting with the help team. This is the best option if you’ve having issues with your UberEATS delivery partner (or having difficulty using an UberEATS promo code). The UberEATS help team on the app and website can help if you’re having problems with your order.

Promo codes will depend on your location (and can only be used once). If you apply more than one promo code to your account, the last promo code that you entered will be used first. This is why it is recommended that you apply one promo code at a time.

Issues with invite codes and promo codes are very common. You can report these issues from your smartphone app (or you can sign directly into UberEATS.com). They will review your report and will make the necessary adjustments if there’s a problem with your account. It should be noted that invite codes vary depending on your (and the other eater’s) location, as well as the date a code is used. It’s worth noting: this changes regularly, so the amount that you earn per referral will also change.

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