Uber Eats Pickup

UberEATS Food Pickup

Where Do I Pick Up My Food?

When using UberEATS, your requested order will usually be delivered right to your door.

If your address is hard to find (or hard for a food courier to reach), it’s always easier – and faster – if you wait for your order outside, near the street.

If you need a special delivery (or want to provide more information about your address), you can leave special delivery instructions on the checkout information page. This can be done before you confirm your order.

Contacting an UberEATS driver

After your food is on its way, you can contact your delivery courier directly. You just need to tap the ‘Contact’ option on the order tracking page.

This is the best option for the courier (especially if you have a hard-to-find address). It’s also helpful when you’re not 100% certain where your UberEATS drop-off is going to take place.

You should keep in mind that your courier may be driving when you are messaging them. For safety, and legal reasons, they may not be available to answer their phones, or write you a message back.

UberEATS Pickup Problems / Dropoff Problems

If there is a problem delivering your order, your courier will send you a message to find out where they should be dropping off the order, or ask you to come outside to pick up your order. This message will be sent to your phone (and can also be found on the order tracking page). If you think that there may be a problem with your delivery, the best bet is to wait outside your workplace/apartment/home when your UberEATS order is approaching.

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