Uber Eats Refunds and Missing Items

UberEATS missing items

UberEATS refund 2019 – How to get an UberEATS refund

It is always possible that your order may have missing items or that the wrong items will be sent. If you receive an order that is missing items or has the wrong items, you should take a picture of the full order. Then, you should let UberEATS know about the mistake (using the UberEATS app), by filling in the ‘contact us’ form. You’ll simply be asked to make clear what items were incorrect (or missing) from your order, and include a photo of the order.

You can also contact UberEATs by calling your local support phone line, which will allow you to speak with someone immediately. Local UberEATS contact information can be found on the UberEATs website and app.

UberEATs takes missing or incorrect orders seriously, and they usually will work quickly to fix any mistakes that your order might have. The amount of time the order takes to fix will depend on the restaurant and the courier. You should always include a photo of your order and the exact dish, especially if there is a wrong item. This can help reduce the amount of time it takes to fix an UberEATS problem, because it makes it especially clear what the issue is (and provides proof, in the form of a photo).

Most times, a new order is placed to have the missing item sent or the wrong item replaced. This does not cost you any extra delivery fees, and it will be delivered to you.   However, UberEATs and the restaurant can decide that they are simply going to issue a refund (for the cost of the incorrect or missing UberEATS item). You will be notified of what option is selected by email or by app notification.

For more information on how UberEATS works, check out this article.

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