Uber Eats Washington D.C.

UberEATS Washington D.C.

UberEATS is a service which delivers food in the Washington D.C. area.

Available UberEATS New York Restaurant List:

  • Abol Ethiopian
  • Absolute Noodle
  • Ambra
  • Appioo African Bar & Grill
  • Arepa Zone
  • B Too
  • Ben’s Chili Bowl
  • BGR
  • Bub and Pop’s
  • Buffalo & Bergen
  • Buredo
  • Captain Cookie & The Milkman
  • Chala
  • Chix
  • DCity Smokehouse
  • DGS Delicatessen
  • Dino’s Grotoo
  • Donburi
  • Frozenyo
  • Ghibellina
  • Heckman’s Delicatessen
  • Hill Country
  • Indigo
  • Lebanese Taverna
  • Maketto
  • Maki Shop
  • Mason Dixie Biscuit Co
  • Ottoman Taverna
  • Oz Restaurant
  • Piola
  • Pizzaeria Paradiso
  • Po Boy Jim
  • Puddin’
  • Red Hook Lobster Pound
  • Republic Kolache
  • Seoulspice
  • SKWR
  • Spring and Sprout
  • The Chickery
  • The Well-Dressed Burrito
  • Zombie Coffee & Donuts

Washington D.C. Uber Eats Coverage Area:

Washington DC UberEATS Coverage Area


Q: When is UberEATS Washington D.C. available?

A: 9:00 AM – 12:00 AM, seven days a week.

Q: What is ‘Instant Delivery’?

A: Instant Delivery is a service offered by UberEATS, which features a three- to five-item “instant” lunch menu (customers select their preferred meal). Meals are delivered curbside in 10 minutes or less (11.00am – 2.00pm, weekdays only).

Q: Is there a delivery fee?

A: Yes, there is a delivery fee of $4.99 per delivery ($2.99 for instant delivery).

Have more questions? Get in touch with Support at eats@uber.com

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