Uber Enterprise Rental Program

Enterprise Rental Cars for Uber Drivers

Uber recently entered into a partnership with Enterprise Rental Cars to bring a rental-car option to prospective Uber drivers.

How does the Uber Enterprise rental program work?

Through a partnership with Enterprise, Uber offers potential drivers who want to drive (but don’t have access to a car) special rates, so that they can get started driving for Uber immediately.

How much does Uber’s Enterprise Rental Program Cost?

Upon choosing to rent a vehicle through enterprise, Uber drivers will pay around $210 per week to Enterprise as a vehicle rental fee.

In addition to the weekly fee (which doesn’t include taxes) Uber drivers will have to pay a $40 startup fee, in addition to a $500 refundable deposit, paid directly to Enterprise.

Why use the Enterprise rental program?

Many prospective Uber drivers don’t have a car.

Other potential drivers do have vehicles, but they don’t qualify under Uber’s current standards (Uber’s rules in many markets require vehicles to be built in the last 10 – 15 years, and to meet certain model specifications).

Is it worth using Uber’s rental car option?

User’s program with Enterprise is more expensive than other options (for instance, its Xchange Leasing Program).

However, renting through Enterprise can be an effective strategy in the short term for drivers who want to get started quickly, or who want to test out the waters & see if Uber is a good financial fit for them.

The Enterprise system is also useful for current drivers whose vehicles are currently out-of-commission, due to repair or other circumstances.

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