Uber Family Profiles Feature

What is Uber Family Profiles?

Uber riders have often requested a simple feature be added to Uber’s existing App — the ability to easily pay for friends and family.

In response to demands for a ‘family-style’ payment option, Uber recently announced Family Profiles, a feature that allows up to ten passengers to share ONE unified payment account.

How to Set Up Uber Family Profiles: 

To use Family Profiles, it’s important to note that Family Profiles specifies that there are two ‘parties’:

  1. Family Profile ORGANIZER
  2. Family Profile RIDER.

What is the role of the ORGANIZER?

The ORGANIZER is in charge of billing & setting up the ‘family network’.

Organizers must follow these simple steps (below) to add a Family Profile Network to their Uber Account:

  • Make sure you have an up-to-date version of the Uber App (if you don’t, download or update  the latest version of the Uber app).
  • On the Uber App, select Menu and navigate to ‘Settings’.
  • Scroll down, until you reach “Add a Family Profile”
  • Select the contacts you would like to add.

When a contact accepts your invitation, they are free to begin requesting rides from their own smartphone (specifying ‘Family Profile’ as their preferred payment method).

The cost of a trip will be billed to ‘Family Profile’ — the trip’s Organizer (i.e., the individual being charged) will automatically receive an emailed receipt for each ‘Family Profile’ trip.


Who are the RIDERS?

‘Riders’ are the individuals within the Family Profile Account.

To add themselves as RIDERS to a Family Profile Network, users must follow these steps below:

  • Open up the inbound email invitation (sent from an Organizer), which invites riders to join & use Family Profiles in their Uber Account.
  • Click ‘Accept’.
  • Select ‘Family Profile’ as default payment method.
  • Once Family Profile is selected, simply request a ride — and await your vehicle.
  • The Organizer will receive a notification of your trip & associated bill to their email.


Where is Family Profiles Available?

Family Profiles is currently available to all Uber users within the United States.

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