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Uber fare estimator – Uber calculator

Need an Uber trip estimate?

Use our Uber Estimate tool here – a useful tool which you can use to project the cost of your Uber trips in advance.

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How to use the Uber Fare Calculator

The Uber Estimate tool is easy-to-use. Just navigate to the calculator, and input your Current Address and Destination.

Choose your service (Uber or Lyft) – then simply press the Calculator Icon (located to the right of the input fields).

Your estimated fare will then appear (displaying all the pricing results for each of Uber’s available services in the area).

As an example, here’s what the Uber Fare Calculator Tool looks like when you estimate how much it costs to travel from the Sydney Opera House to the Westfield Mall in Sydney, Australia:

uber fare estimator 2017 uber fare calculator 2017 uber rates

How is the price of an UberX ride calculated?

Many Uber customers want to how: how does Uber calculate their fares?

Up until 2017, Uber used a relatively simple equation to calculate their trip fares:

Base Fare + Per-Minute Fare + Per-Mile Fare + Booking Fee = Your Total Uber Fare.

However, in 2017, Uber’s fare calculation algorithm has gotten a little more complicated. After Uber introduced Upfront Pricing (a feature which gives passengers a fare estimate before a trip begins), the company’s fare calculation structure changed slightly — taking into account factors such as traffic, expected usage & anticipated demand.

Although Uber insists that its pricing system remains largely unchanged since its initial inception, there still remains some debate about how Uber’s Upfront Fares are tallied, in full.

In any event, below is an explanation of each constituent element of Uber’s known pricing model:

UberX Base Fare. 

A fee is charged at the beginning of every Uber ride (this fee varies between cities (for instance, it is $2.55 in New York, but $0.00 in Los Angeles).

UberX Cost Per Minute. 

Per-Minute price is just what it sounds like – the cost of every minute your trip’s duration. Per-Minute prices vary greatly between cities (for instance, cost-per-minute is $0.15 in Los Angeles, $0.35 in New York, etc).

UberX Cost Per Mile

Per-Mile costs calculate how many miles your Uber vehicle has travelled, and contribute to a ride’s total cost. (Per Mile fares are $1.75 in New York, $0.90 in Los Angeles)

Uber Booking Fee

Uber’s Booking Fee usually adds between $1.50 – $2.00 to your ride (although this fee can sometimes be higher — or, in some cases, excluded entirely, as is the case with certain Uber services, such as UberSUV).

Uber Rates

Uber rates vary greatly across the United States, and the globe, but — in general — an Uber ride will cost you much less than a trip in a regular yellow taxi cab (or comparable taxi service).

If you’d like more information on your city’s current Uber Rates, check out our Uber Cities guide here, or use our fare calculator linked here or above. Both sources will give you a good idea of your trip’s overall cost.

And don’t forget — there’s always Uber’s built-in fare estimator, which is located within the Uber app itself, and will spit out the cost of a ride before you formally request one.

UberPOOL Rates

UberPOOL matches riders heading in the same direction, and, as such, its pricing model is different than the rest of Uber’s services.

Effectively, UberPOOL riders receive a discounted rate by choosing to ride with other passengers, who are picked up along a trip’s route.

UberPOOL rates can be anywhere from 20% – 70% cheaper than a regular UberX ride (depending on location, and time of day). Like Uber’s other services, UberPOOL rates vary greatly across states, cities and countries.

So, how does UberPOOL’s pricing system actually work? The answer is actually fairly complex. To learn more about how UberPOOL rates are calculated, check out our full article on the subject here.

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