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Download Uber for Windows – Using Uber on a Computer (2019)

To download the Uber Rider App on any Windows device (including desktop PCs), click here: Download Uber Windows Rider App 2017.

To learn more about using Uber on a Windows Desktop PC, check out our post below. 2019

Uber Windows – How does Uber work on Windows? Use Uber on your Desktop

Microsoft recently allowed Windows users to download & use Uber on their personal desktop PCs. Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP) allows PC owners to use Uber on any device they choose. Luckily, this now includes desktops – meaning that Uber can be used hassle-free on your PC!

uber windows pc 2019

If I’m using Uber on my PC, how do I contact my driver?

If you’re using a Windows PC to run the Uber App, you can request a car as normal — to contact your driver, you can use a regular phone (mobile, smartphone, landline, Skype Dial, etc) to get in touch with your driver. You can also contact your driver by texting them from a mobile phone.

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