Uber Fuel Finder

What is Uber Fuel Finder? How does Fuel Finder work?

In 2019, Uber introduced a new feature within its Driver App called Fuel Finder.

Fuel Finder is a new Uber feature which makes it easier and faster for drivers to check on local gas prices, as well as navigating more efficiently to nearby gas station which have the best prices.

Fuel Finder became available to all driver-partners in the United States in early May 2016.

How do Uber Drivers use Fuel Finder?

When you need to fill up your gas tank, you can use Fuel Finder to view all the nearest gas-station options. Just tap on the Fuel Finder’s ‘gas-station icons’ to see a location’s name, price per gallon (as well as the distance to each gas station).

Once you’ve selected your preferred gas station, the Uber App will guide you to your chosen gas station via the fastest route.

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Use Uber’s Fuel Card in Conjunction with Fuel Finder.

What is the Uber Partner Fuel Card?

Since Summer 2015, Uber has been offering a special Uber Gas Card to select drivers, as part of its Momentum Rewards Program.

Issued by MasterCard and FleetCor, Uber’s Fuel Card will let Uber drivers receive discounts up to 15 cents per gallon.

Unlike regular credit cards, Uber drivers are not required to undergo credit checks in order to receive an Uber gas card. An Uber Gas Card allows drivers to access gas money immediately & upfront, and pay off their expenses as they work.

In essence, an Uber gas card can help new Uber drivers get started on their ridesharing business immediately, by providing them with savings & expense-related cash while they begin to earn money through fare-collection.

User’s Gas Card offers a total of 1.5% off gas purchases (anywhere MasterCard is accepted).

In addition, over 15,000 gas stations across the U.S. accept the Uber Gas Card. Nearly 3000 stations offer discounts between 3 – 9 cents per gallon.

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