What is Uber Getaround Rental?

Uber Getaround Rental

How Uber Getaround Rental Works

Uber recently announced a partnership with rental-car service Getaround. The two companies are teaming up to give prospective Uber drivers a chance to drive for Uber (even if they don’t personally own a car).

For now, the Uber-Getaround partnership is limited to the San Francisco Bay area (see map below), but in case local residents are interested in trying out the program, here’s how it works:

Using Uber’s Getaround Rental Program
  1. To rent a car via Getaround, first begin by signing up for the program at uber.com/signup/drive/getaround/
  2. You’ll receive an invite code in your email, allowing you to download the Getaround App
  3. Vehicles are located across San Francisco (parked in lots, or on streets), and they are available to rent to prospective Uber drivers.
  4. Starting browsing for cars – and choose from a wide variety of available car-types and models.
  5. Head to a nearby pickup location
  6. Pickup your vehicle at the designated parking spot with the Getaround App
  7. Rentals are $5 per-hour (but if it’s the first time you’ve used Uber and Getaround, your first day of rental is entirely free).
  8. When you’re finished driving for the day, simply head back to the same spot where you picked up the car, and leave it in its original parking space.

Cost & Pricing of Uber-Getaround Rentals

The cost of a driver’s first rental is free (*up to 14 hours).

After a driver’s first rental, the Uber-Getaround program charges a fee of $5 per hour.

This fee includes: gas, insurance and mileage.

Benefits of Using Getaround car-rental in conjunction with Uber

Uber’s program with Getaround is convenient for drivers who would like to drive occasionally for Uber, but don’t personally own a vehicle, or would prefer to avoid the long-term commitment of a traditional vehicle lease.

Renting through Uber-Getaround is a simple way for prospective Uber drivers to test out the Uber Platform, but have little commitment risk – or require any heavy ‘startup’ investment to become an Uber driver.

To learn more about Getaround Carsharing, check out our profile of the company here.

Looking for other Uber Rental Options?

If you don’t reside in San Francisco, Uber has other vehicle-leasing options available across North America, where prospective Uber drivers without vehicles can rent vehicles directly from Uber for a fixed price.

In particular, Uber operates two large leasing systems:

  • Uber Xchange Leasing
  • Uber Enterprise Leasing

To learn more about Uber Xchange Leasing, you can read about the program here.
To learn more about Uber Enterprise Leasing, check out our article on the leasing program here.

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