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How to Use an Uber Gift Card 2019

Uber Gift Codes – How to Use Uber Gift Cards 

How do Uber gift cards work?

Uber began offering Uber Gift Cards in 2016, and the cards function like many other gift cards you’d buy from major retailers (Starbucks, Walmart, etc).

Uber’s gift cards let Uber-users ‘give’ Uber credit to friends or family, which can be used on Uber Rides (UberX, UberBLACK, etc) or redeemed for credit on apps like UberEATS.]


Uber gift cards range in value from $15 all the way up to $500. You can purchase them here.

Uber Gift Cards

There are three core uses for Uber Gift Cards:

  • For Uber Rides (give anyone the gift of free Uber rides)
  • For UberEATS (get food delivered from a wide selection restaurants)
  • For Uber Business (give free ride credit to your employees)

How to Buy an Uber Gift Card:

CLICK HERE to find buy Uber Gift Cards.

You can identify exact locations where Uber gift cards are available, using Uber’s interactive Gift Card Map (see above). You will be able to buy Uber Gift Cards worth between $15 to $500 (amounts may vary, depending on the retailer). Uber Gift Cards are available at retailers like:

How to Use an Uber Gift Card & Load Credit on your Account

Essentially, Uber Gift Cards add credit to a passenger’s Uber account. If you’re a new Uber user, and you’re opening an Uber account for the first time, you can immediately add as many gift cards as you’d like to your account. Once you’ve purchased an Uber Gift Card, you will locate a ‘Gift Code’ is on the back of the card.

Redeeming a card works like this:

  1. Be certain that your smartphone has installed the latest version of Uber’s Rider App.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Payment’ section
  3. Select Add Promo/Gift Code
  4. Input your Gift Code

*Note: Gift cards are not reloadable or reusable, so don’t worry about retaining the card after you’ve input the code on the back of the card.

Uber Gift Card FAQ

Where can I buy Uber Gift Cards?
Visit this link to find out SPECIFIC locations where Uber gift cards are available. You will be able to buy Uber Gift Cards worth between $15 to $500 (amounts may vary, depending on the retailer). Uber Gift Cards are available at retailers like:

  • Target
  • Pricerite
  • Gamestop
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Best Buy
  • Walmart
  • HEB
  • Sam’s Club
  • Sears
  • Shoprite
  • Kmart
  • Dollar General

Where are Uber Gift Cards Useable?
Uber Gift Cards can be used any US or Canadian (where Uber is available), and in any US or Canadian city  where UberEATS is available.

Can Uber Gift Cards be used on more than one account, or split between different accounts?
No. Gift Codes can only be linked to ONE passenger’s Uber account. When a Gift Code has been linked to an Uber account, it CANNOT be linked to any other Uber accounts.  Gift cards also CANNOT be used on the following services: UberRUSH; Family Profiles; Scheduled Rides.

Once a Gift Card is loaded on my account, can I save an Uber Gift Card for later use?
Yes! It is possible to pay for your trip with another payment method after adding a gift card to your Uber account. Whenever an Uber Gift Card is added to your Uber account, the card will start being used immediately (i.e., it will be the default credit option on your account). To ‘switch off’ your Uber Gift Card, navigate to the will credits bar while requesting a trip & simply switch CREDITS off, or on.

Do Uber Gift Cards Expire?
No, Uber Gift Cards never expire!

What happens if your Uber Gift Card Balance is lower than the cost your Uber Trip?
If your Uber Gift Card Credit balance is less than the total cost of your trip, you will be asked by the Uber App to add an additional Gift Code or alternative payment method, in order to cover the remaining cost of the ride.

How does ordering UberEATS work in conjunction with Uber Gift Cards?
When redeeming Gift Cards for UberEATS, everything works exactly the same as it normally would. You will be required to have an alternative payment method on file (credit or debit card) when using an Uber Gift Card in conjunction with Uber Eats.

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