Uber Gold Partner Rewards Program

UberGOLD 2019

What is the Uber Gold Partner Rewards Program?

Debuting in San Francisco, UberGOLD is a new Uber program which rewards Uber drivers who complete upwards of 80 trips per week.

What is Uber Gold?

User’s new GOLD Partner Rewards Program is a special San Francisco program that rewards top Bay Area Driver-Partners. The system is a pilot program (i.e., a trial run) and is currently available to select drivers by invitation only.

The Gold Program features two segments:

  • GOLD
  • GOLDPlus

How does the GOLD Program work?

The GOLD program offers specific rewards to drivers. Some of the rewards for being a GOLD partner include:

  •     Priority service at your Local Uber Greenlight Hub (special treatment, faster waiting times)
  •     A “GOLD Partner” decal for your vehicle
  •     GOLDPlus drivers receive even better rewards (in addition to the two rewards above):
  •     GOLDPlus Points ‘earning periods’ — accumulated points are redeemable for prizes, and cash.

How does an Uber driver become a GOLD Partner?

GOLD is currently by invitation only.

There is no qualification system for drivers to become GOLD or GOLDPlus. Top San Francisco driver-partners will be contacted individually by Uber HQ upon evaluation.

Currently, GOLD partners are unable to ‘climb’ up into GOLDPlus status — although Uber will contact qualifying GOLD partners during a future qualification period (after Fall 2016).

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