An Uber Guide to George Bush International Airport in Houston

Uber Houston Airport – George Bush Intercontinental Airport IAH

Below is a guide to using Uber Services at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).

Our guide is for both Uber passengers & Uber drivers, and has four sections:

  1. For Riders: Getting Picked Up by Uber at IAH
  2. For Riders: Getting Dropped Off by Uber at IAH
  3. For Drivers: Picking Up Passengers at IAH
  4. For Drivers: Dropping Passengers Off at IAH

1. Riders: Getting Picked Up by Uber at IAH:

Uber airport pickups at Houston’s airport (IAH) will result in a $2.75 fee being added to the rider’s receipt — the fee is not given to Uber or the Driver, but is a City of Houston charge that is collected by the local government.

If you want to get picked up at IAH, take note:

  • Riders using the Uber App at George Bush Intercontinental Airport are directed to proceed to the ARRIVALS level.
  • Riders DO NOT have the option to select a generic pickup spot – they MUST ALWAYS select a terminal.
  • Riders no longer need to call their drivers to confirm a location.

2. Riders: Getting Dropped Off by Uber at IAH

It is now completely legal & permitted for riders to get dropped off at IAH by Uber.

All Uber Services & Vehicle Types are allowed at Huston International Airport.

Simply request an Uber as you normally would, and input your preferred IAH terminal as your final destination.

3. Drivers: Picking Passengers Up at IAH

Go to the location below to receive an airport pickup permit:

HAS Permitting Office (Located in IAH terminal A, just west of the taxi stand)
2800 North Terminal Rd
Houston, TX 77032
Hours: 8:00am-4:00pm from Monday to Friday (except holidays)

Bring the following documents with you as they are required for an airport permit:

1) 2-year TNC license

2) Texas Driver’s License

3) Proof of Insurance

4) Proof of Vehicle Registration (this is the form/receipt that comes with your registration sticker)


Once you’ve arrived at the HAS permitting office, tell the receptionist you are an Uber driver-partner.

  • You will be given documents to fill out (approximately 2 pages).
  • Once completed, you will be issued an airport permit.
  • Review airport procedures & guidelines shared by HAS staff
  • When you receive the airport permit, the permit will actually be valid for both IAH and Hobby Airport.
  • At IAH, be sure to use the TNC Lot to accept IAH Airport pickup requests (image shown below).
  • At Hobby Airport (HOU), the designated pickup area is Zone 4.

Once you have your airport permit, follow these rules below to pick up passengers at LAX:

Queuing Zone:

In order to receive pick-up requests, you must be located in the Designated TNC Airport Assignment Area outlined in the map below.

When you drive into the Designated TNC Airport Assignment Area, you’ll automatically be placed in queue for the next airport pick-up request.

The queue is first-in-first-out (FIFO). This means the person who has been waiting in the queue the longest will receive the next pick-up request. Your location in the Designated TNC Airport Assignment Area will not affect your place in the queue.

Receiving Requests

Once you’ve received a passenger request, your Partner App will display a SPECIFIC TERMINAL (see image below). Navigate to the terminal and meet your rider at the TNC pickup zone.


UberX & UberXL partners can  pick up passengers in the designated TNC zones at the terminal passenger pickup locations.

To find the appropriate passenger pickup area, look for the signs posted in the TNC Pickup Zone at the terminal.

4. Drivers: Dropping Off Passengers at IAH

To drop off customers at IAH, simply follow the procedures of a normal Uber ride, and drop off your passenger at their requested departure terminal.

A Houston Airport Permit is NOT required to drop off passengers at Houston’s airports — only to pick up passengers.

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