An Uber Guide to McCarran International Airport Las Vegas

Uber Las Vegas Airport (LAS) – Uber McCarran International Airport Pickup & Drop Offs

Does Uber work at Las Vegas’ Airport? Can Uber drop off passengers at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas?

Take our look at Las Vegas Airport Uber Guide for Uber Drivers & Uber Riders.

Below is a guide to using Uber at McCarran in Las Vegas Airport (LAS).

We cover rules for both Uber passengers & Uber drivers.

This guide has four sections:

  1. For Riders: Getting Picked Up by Uber at Las Vegas Airport
  2. For Riders: Getting Dropped Off by Uber at Las Vegas Airport
  3. For Drivers: Picking Up Passengers at Las Vegas Airport
  4. For Drivers: Dropping Passengers Off at Las Vegas Airport

1. Riders: Getting Picked Up by Uber at Las Vegas Airport:

Can Uber pickup passengers at Las Vegas Airport?

Yes, anyone can use Uber’s services for pickups at Las Vegas Airport (LAS)

To request an Uber at Las Vegas Airport, simply follow the steps below:

2. Riders: Getting Dropped Off by Uber at Las Vegas Airport

All Uber Services are allowed to drop off passengers at LAS. Simply request an Uber as you normally would, and input the appropriate Las Vegas International Airport (McCarran Airport / LAS) Terminal as your final destination.

3. Drivers: Picking Passengers Up at Las Vegas Airport

Uber partners MUST await trip requests at a special staging lot (technically called the Terminal 1/Terminal 3 Staging Lot) located nearby McCarran’s Terminals (see graphic / map below).

Uber Drivers WILL NOT get airport-based rider requests if they wait OUTSIDE this designated staging zone.

Uber Drivers can find the T1/T3 Staging Lot by following these instructions:

Navigate to the Staging Lot, which is located directly off Paradise Road on Gus Giuffre Drive (northwest of the T-1 Economy Lot). Navigate towards the airport on Paradise Road and take the first right after you cross Tropicana Avenue.

  • Once Uber Drivers head into the staging lot, they will be entered into a line-up for request (first-come, first serve)
  • The Uber queue is considered a ‘first in, first out’ system (i.e., FIFO). Drivers who have been waiting in the staging zone the longest will receive the next upcoming trip request from an Uber passenger.

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Receiving Requests

Once you receive a trip request, drive toward the terminal area.

Terminal 1

To pickup passengers at Terminal One, Uber drivers will locate riders at Level 2M of McCarran’s parking garage.

To get there, exit the rideshare lot and simply follow the signs for Terminal 1 (Public Parking Garage, Level 2M).

Uber Drivers are NOT allowed to pickup Uber Passengers at Terminal 1 other than Level 2M of the Parking Garage.

Terminal 3

For pickups at Terminal 3, navigate to the VALET section of McCarran’s parking garage. To locate the Valet Level, exit the rideshare lot and follow signs for Terminal 3, Parking Garage, Valet Level. Pickups must happen ONLY at the Valet Section of Terminal 3 (nowhere else in the terminal is permitted).

4. Drivers: Dropping Off Passengers at Las Vegas Airport

Drop off Uber passengers at the appropriate terminal, located on the DEPARTURES level.

Make sure your Uber Driver App is always turned ON, at least until you have fully exited McCarran Airport property.

LAS charges $2.45 for Uber requests (including pickups & dropoffs). However, this $2.45 charge is billed ONLY to PASSENGERS and will be paid to LAS. Uber Drivers will NOT be forced to pay any tolls from their trip income for LAS airport trips.

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