Uber Gun Policy

Uber Gun Policy 2019

Uber Firearms Policy

Uber’s weapon policy is a simple one: Uber prohibits all firearms of any kind inside any Uber vehicles.

In plain language: Guns are NOT allowed (under any circumstances) in an Uber vehicle.

According to the strict dictionary definition, a firearm is any kind of arms weapon, such as a rifle or pistol, that is fired by gunpowder. Uber’s policy on firearms exists in order to keep all drivers and passengers safe.

Unfortunately, anybody (passenger or driver) who violates Uber’s weapons policy may permanently lose access to Uber.

What about other ‘defense mechanisms’? Understanding Uber’s Non-Lethal Weapons Policy

It’s worth noting, however, that while Uber does not permit firearms in their vehicles under any circumstances, the company does permit drivers to carry non-lethal weapons, such as stun-guns and pepper spray (which may be used only for personal defence or emergencies). Uber drivers must still adhere to different state rules, which directly affect the kind of non-lethal weapons they may be allowed to carry (*for example, tasers are not permitted in the state of Massachusetts).

Be sure to get in touch with an Uber representative in your region, before deciding whether to carry a non-lethal weapon inside your vehicle.

An ongoing discussion amongst Uber drivers and passengers is whether carrying a weapon is necessary (or useful)
for protection. Some Uber drivers claim that they would rather lose their job as an Uber Partner, as opposed to losing their life (simply because they didn’t have fast access to a defensive firearm). Others feel entirely safe driving for Uber – and that they can’t imagine ever being put in a dangerous situation where a non-lethal weapon (or other defense mechanism) would guarantee their safety anyway.

Does Uber really enforce its firearms policy? Can it?

The other ongoing debate over Uber’s ‘Weapons Policy’ is: how can Uber functionally implement its own firearms policy amongst its fleet of drivers? How can the company really make sure its drivers comply (i.e., all of whom are technically independent contractors), and enforce a strict ‘no-carry’ policy in all of their vehicles?

Some Uber drivers feel that there is, in fact, simply no way Uber can enforce its own firearms policy.

Indeed, since an Uber driver can technically turn on his/her app whenever they wish (and begin driving at any time of night or day), it would be incredibly hard for Uber to actively regulate its own Weapons provision. A driver could simply turn on their app at a time when they have a weapon with them (legally, or not, depending on their state, country or region).

Currently, Uber’s terms and conditions don’t specify ways of interpreting this aspect of its firearm policy, or understanding the parameters of where, and when, Uber drivers can carry weapons after they’ve turned their Driver App ‘off’.

Regardless of which side of the debate you’re on, Uber stays firm on its weapons policy: any & all firearms are not permitted inside Uber vehicles, but certain non-lethal weapons are allowed (depending on local regulations).

For more information on gun and weapon laws in your state, check out this list, or contact your local DMV or law enforcement department.

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