Uber Heathrow Airport Guide

Uber Heathrow Airport –  Heathrow Airport London Uber Guide

Below is a guide to using Uber at Heathrow Airport in London (LHR).

We cover rules for both Uber riders & Uber drivers.

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This guide has four sections:

  1. For Riders: Getting Picked Up by Uber at Heathrow Airport
  2. For Riders: Getting Dropped Off by Uber at Heathrow Airport
  3. For Drivers: Picking Up Passengers at Heathrow Airport
  4. For Drivers: Dropping Passengers Off at Heathrow Airport

1. Uber Riders: Getting Picked Up by Uber Heathrow Airport

  • ◦T2 | Level 1: Row Q | Wait for your Uber vehicle underneath the covered area.
  • ◦T3 | Level 3: Row A | Wait in the Lobby area.
  • ◦T4 | Car Park Level 2: Central aisle | Wait in the Central Lift Lobby
  • ◦T5 | Level 1: Row A or F | Wait in the Lift Lobby area.

2. Uber Riders: Getting Dropped Off by Uber at Heathrow Airport

It is now allowed by UK Airport Authorities for rideshare passengers to get dropped off at Heathrow Airport Airport by Uber vehicles.

All Uber Services are allowed to drop off passengers at Heathrow Airport.

Simply use the Uber App as normal, and indicate your desired drop-off Heathrow Terminal.

3. Uber Drivers: Picking Passengers Up at Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport Rules & Regulations

To receive trip requests from riders in Heathrow’s various terminals, Uber drivers must wait within Heathrow’s Authorised Vehicle Area (AVA).

The exact location of the Uber Heathrow Staging Area is (also see maps below):

Sat Nav Coordinates: +51.48018 -0.45504

The AVA area is open every days of the week, from 05:00 until 23:00.

heathrow uber AVA area uber waiting zone

london heathrow uber staging area

Receiving Requests

Within the AVA Zone, a queue-system automatically operates — request will be distributed to drivers who have been waiting longest in the AVA area.

The AVA opening hours are:

  • 5.00am until 11.00pm.

*Note – the AVA facility costs £1.00 (per hour – encompassing the first five hours of usage).

However, the first hour of AVA time WILL be reimbursed to Uber Drivers after they have completed a passenger request (*the fee will be covered by the pick-up surcharge, that is placed on top of the rider’s total fare).

Once a request has been made, navigate our of the short-stay AVA bay and locate your rider at the correct meeting point. The rider app will direct you to the correct location (and airport staff are also on-hand to point riders towards the correct locations).  Currently, there exist a number of rideshare parking & pick-up bays near the meeting points (in each Heathrow terminal). The table below provides guidance on where to find each meeting point:

Heathrow meeting points uber drivers pickup locations 2017

4. Uber Drivers: Dropping Passengers off at Heathrow Airport

  1. Confirm the Terminal Number with your passenger (prior to your journey).

2. Locate your rider using your chosen navigation/GPS system (especially if you are not entirely familiar with the LHR complex).

3. Drop off your passengers at Heathrow airport by driving towards the ‘departures forecourt’ of the relevant Terminal (your passenger will have specificed which Terminal they must be dropped off at)

*Note: The departures drop-off areas are free-of-charge – however, they are limited ONLY to drop-offs.

Drivers MUST NOT pick up riders from the departures forecourts.

This constitutes a major infraction of LHR/Heathrow Airport rules – and drivers may be liable for an airport fine (or termination from Uber).

Heathrow Airport Airport Documentation

Obtaining proper Airport Documentation for LHR:

For more information on LHR airport documentation (and whether you require any), get in touch with your local London UK Greenlight Hub (address and hours listed below). You can also get in touch with Uber Partner Support using (in-app support):

London Greenlight Addresses:

Uber London Greenlight Hub,
Western Gateway
E16 1AA

Monday-Friday: 11am – 6pm

(*You can locate the Greenlight Hub entry behind the Novotel hotel complex)

Nearest tube: Royal Victoria

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