Uber Hotspots Phoenix

Uber Phoenix Hotspots

Make more income as an Uber driver in Phoenix by knowing the city’s hotspots — i.e., specific areas in Phoenix which have the highest passenger demand.

In our post below, we explore the top Uber Phoenix Hotspots.

Phoenix Uber Hot Spot Map:

1. Sun Devil Stadium

Sun Devil Stadium has a special section for rideshare drivers, allowing them to pick up riders after (and during) events.

PICK-UPS: Sun Devil Stadium has 3 Rideshare Pickup areas:

  • North side pickup on Rio Salado Parkway
  • West at 5th and Myrtle
  • South at University Dr and Veterans Parkway


  • Heading South from the 202, enter on 6th street and head west. You will be directed to a drop-off zone at Veterans Way.

Note: Drop-offs in front of the stadium are challenging – drivers will likely face high traffic when events are in session.

2. Talking Stick Resort

Talking Stick Resort is a great place to find a constant stream of Uber passengers. Check out our graphic below this map for instructions on where to park & pickup riders at Talking Stick Resort.

Uber updated the driver staging area rules at talking stick resort, which are reflected in the satellite map below:


3. University of Phoenix Stadium

During games, University of Phoenix Stadium is a great location to earn extra income as an Uber driver.

PICK-UPS: University of Phoenix Stadium has a dedicated Rideshare Pickup area:

  • The official Uber Pick-up & Drop-off area at University of Phoenix Stadium is on 95th Avenue.  Bethany Home is where riders will request a trip when exiting University of Phoenix Stadium.


  •  Enter east on Bethany Home Road (or, alternatively, east from Maryland Avenue) and drop off passengers at the specified area.

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