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What is uberinsights.co.uk? How do I use uberinsights.co.uk?

How does uberinsights.co.uk work?

uberinsights.co.uk is Uber’s official ‘hotspot’ location system — it currently covers the London Metropolitan area and is designed to help Uber drivers maximize their daily profits.

Uber Insights is a dynamic hotspot locator — which effectively means that (as a map) it changes color & indicates ‘’high demand’’ depending on the day, hour and location.

How do I use uberinsights.co.uk?

Simple. Just navigate to uberinsights.co.uk, and zoom in on an area of interest; an area near you; or an area which looks ‘active’ on the Insights Heat Map — specifically, an area which shows up ‘red’ or ‘orange’ — colors which indicate plenty of activity and high passenger demand.

Once you’ve identified an area which is experiencing high passenger demand, simply target that area & you’ll be rewarded with a higher frequency of rides & an improved revenue stream.

So, is uberinsights.co.uk really that helpful?

Actually, yes — Uberinsights is a smart, dynamic system, which (as of early 2017) covers most of the London (UK) Uber market.

Uber plans to release similar ‘hotspot’ location systems across North America and other regional markets (as well as covering the rest of the United Kingdom) in the near future — in order to maximize driver efficiency & Partner-earning potential.

Look for expansions of the Uber Insight Hotspot system in Summer 2019!

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