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Most large companies offer some sort of internship program — but does Uber offer internships? How do you get an Uber internship?

If you’re looking to be an Uber intern….good news!

Uber does offer internships.

And, for the right individuals, interning for Uber can be a great opportunity. From finance to design, communications to marketing, there’s a large team behind the world’s largest rideshare service.

Would you like to join the Uber crew? If so, interning for the company is a good way to start out.

Here’s what you need to know about becoming an interning for Uber.

How to Apply for an Internship with Uber 

Although interns come from a variety of backgrounds — the majority of applicants appear to be those who are college or university students, as well as those who apply through a recruiter. Each individual case differs, depending on the position you’d like to fill (i.e., marketing, design, programming, etc). For instance, these are some of the positions advertised in terms of their salary:

uber internships 2017 how to get an uber internship become an uber intern

Not bad, right?

As you can see, there are various areas to choose from — depending on your strengths. Within Uber’s career section, you will also find available listings, allowing to to apply directing through their site. You can search based on keywords, what team you’d like to be on (i.e. marketing, legal, design, etc.) — then search your country/city.

Uber Advanced Technology Jobs 

Uber Business Jobs 

Uber Communications Jobs

Uber Design Jobs

Uber Engineering Jobs

Uber Finance and Accounting Jobs

Uber Global Community Operations Jobs

Uber Growth Marketing Jobs

Uber Legal Jobs

Uber Local Marketing Jobs

Uber Operations and Launch Jobs

Uber People and Places Jobs

Uber Public Policy Jobs 

Uber Safety and Security Jobs

Here is an example of one of the current listings:

uber internships 2017

You will then need to create an Uber profile before proceeding. If you have previously registered with Uber as a potential candidate, then simply log-in.

Once you apply, one of numerous things may happen in terms of the next steps…

For some, once they’ve applied online (or through their post-secondary school), they receive a phone interview with an Uber representative. Typically, this is process is reported to have ranged from 1 day to around 3 weeks. Of course, the difficulty of one’s interview will depend on the role they applied for (i.e., an analytics or data applicant may be grilled more aggressively than a marketing or managerial applicant), as well as their past experience.

After the majority of applicants receive a basic phone screening — this will then develop into 1-2 interviews at one of Uber’s offices.

*For an engineering position, for instance, you may need to have one interview with the engineering manager, and then a second with the software engineer. It’s all dependent on what department you are applying to — an applicant’s interview ‘flowchart’ will differ substantially across departments.

Why Would You Want to Intern for Uber?

Based on interviews with past interns, it appears that Uber can be a very rewarding place to work. Since many interns are students, it’s a great environment. You can expect to work with some incredibly skilled and talented coworkers — which may inspire you to push yourself.

Many interns describe Uber as a great place to work & start their careers – on Glassdoor.com, many interns (and former interns) speak of fellow colleague’s passion, intelligence, creativity and sense of purpose.

Janelle Sallenave, Uber’s head of North America, recently described Uber’s work environment to CNN as follows: “Uber is …[] a rocket ship,” she said. “When we see something that could move the platform forward, we take the opportunity to do it.” However, Sallenave still described Uber’s offices as “…actually warm, friendly and wonderful,” and not the ”… intense man cave” that the media and public often expect from high-octane startups (like Uber).

Still, there are a range of pros and cons to be taken into careful consideration (see below) if you’re applying as an intern, or attempting to land a long-term career, at one of Uber’s HQs. Some software engineers, marketing and managerial staff explain the intense work ethic that permeates Uber Technologies Inc — recalling a common phenomenon (i.e., ‘burn out’) which is present at all levels of Uber Inc (top executives, all the way down to new interns). They all report one similar thing — that it’s simply very hard to ‘check out’ of Uber as a ‘lifestyle’, once you’ve been invited to work inside the company.

Much of Uber’s ‘work-ethic intensity’ is likely due (at least, in part) to the company’s tremendous growth over the last five years. An anonymous former employee on Glassdoor described it thusly:

“Uber is going through considerable growing pains as it attempts to transition from a largely decentralized company that knows how to sprint into new markets to one that’s more mature, [and] centralized”

Overall, here are some of the positives, as discussed by past interns:

Positive experiences
  • The people — As mentioned, Uber employees are great role models for students and everyone works really hard. Almost all interns agree that the individuals they worked with were not only brilliant, but also enjoyable to interact with.
  • Transparency — The Uber team knows exactly how Uber is doing, which makes for interesting and forward-thinking weekly meetings. In that sense, coworkers are willing to help one another, as they have common goals.
  • Dynamic place of work — Based on past and current growth, Uber is a very exciting place to work. You never stop learning — especially since Uber is a multi-disciplinary tech company.
  • Meaningful — Since Uber is still a young company, there is still a lot of development. Various tools and the company’s infrastructure is still essentially being written. For those involved, it makes their work day much more meaningful.
  • Treated like an employee — For some, they felt that, at least from what they could tell, there wasn’t truly a formal ‘intern program’ at Uber Technologies Inc. Some interns viewed this as a major negative, whereas others saw it as a substantial positive. In essence, it was a question of freedom, structural rigidity and the parameters of the internship program itself. Reportedly, interns are not given ‘intern assignments’. Instead, they’re simply assigned to a team and expected to work — meaning, they acquire real hands-on experience, which, in some cases, can arguably be much more beneficial than a traditional internship program which simply indicates the contours of a given company’s professional experience.
Negative experiences 
  • Organization — Some interns felt as though their role was a bit disjointed and disorganized, but this could most certainly be a personal experience.
  • Reduced work/life balance — For some, this may be seen as more of a positive — because at the end of the day, Uber employees work very hard. Late nights are not abnormal, especially for an intern.

The list goes on and on — but at the basis of the feedback, you can see that Uber is a rewarding, yet challenging place to intern. For those who are looking for some practical, real-life experience, interning for Uber may constitute a great opportunity. But, be forewarned — it’s not for the faint of heart, and it’s important not be shy of hard work.

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