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Using Uber with VoiceOver (2019)

How Uber iOS Voiceover works

Uber is continuously altering its technology in order to help increase mobility, accessibility and efficiency for everyone – including riders who have limited vision, or who are eyesight-impaired. Although the company has recently come under pressure to increase accessibility, Uber claims that they are strongly committed to improving accessibility for all passengers.

Uber’s integration with iOS/Apple VoiceOver makes it possible for riders with limited vision (or even riders who are blind) to easily utilize all of Uber’s services.

Voiceover streamlines the process of requesting rides, canceling rides, splitting fares and rating drivers.

Uber’s Voiceover system can be enabled on an iOS device by tapping General > Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver.

Requesting Your Ride

Uber VoiceOver allows riders to set their destination and change their pickup location. Setting your destination is simple, and can be accomplished two ways:

  1. Double tap the “Where to?” button on your home screen. This action activates the destination search feature. Riders can search for a destination from this page (or select a destination from a list of suggested places).
  2. Voiceover can be enabled via shortcuts (which are options at the bottom of the home screen). Riders can double tap on any of these shortcuts to pick a destination.

Though Uber chooses a rider’s pick location based on GPS location, the app also allows riders to change their location. To manually enter a location:

  • Double tap the “Where to?” button on your home screen. Swipe to the left to highlight the “pickup location” field and then double click to enter in your desired pickup location.

Cancelling Your Ride with Voiceover

Uber Voiceover gives riders the option to cancel a ride after requesting an Uber vehicle. Riders simply swipe right on their app to activate a cancellation option.

Once a rider and a driver have been matched, a contact button will appear on a user’s phone. From this screen, riders can either cancel their ride or contact their driver.

Monitoring Your Ride with Voiceover

Uber Voiceover makes it simple for those with reduced vision to stay in the loop with where their driver is. A rider can highlight the “ETA” button and hear how far away the driver is. Highlighting the trip card will allow for the rider to hear the driver’s name, the license plate number and the car’s make and model.

Splitting your Uber Fare with Voiceover

iOS devices use Siri alongside the Uber Voiceover feature to make splitting fares within the Uber app simple. Riders can either tap the “Split Fare” button to share the Uber’s fare with friends or use Siri dictation to verbally dictate friends’ names.

Rating Your Driver

After every trip, the Uber app gives riders the option to rate their driver. Ratings are based on a number of stars. Riders can also add additional feedback via the app.

Uber takes its accessibility one step further by providing riders with the option to ask questions or give feedback. Riders can verbally submit questions and feedback under the “Help” section in the Menu bar of the app.

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