Uber License Requirements New York City

Uber NYC License Requirements 2019 – Getting an NYC Uber License

How do you get a TNC license to drive for Uber in New York City? The license is also called a For-Hire-Driver License, and it’s important to get before you start driving in NYC. We answer all your questions about Uber NYC TNCs in our guide below:

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Uber NYC TNC Guidelines 2019

New York City requires that Uber drivers (and other rideshare operators) attain a TNC license before they start driving for Uber.

If you want to drive for Uber in New York, simply follow these steps to get your TNC license:

  1. Sign Up for an Uber Account

It takes less than five minutes. You can sign up online HERE.

     2. Visit an Uber office in New York.

Starting the TLC licensing process involves scheduling a simple (free) one-day appointment at an NYC Uber office.

  • Speak with an Uber expert who explain everything about the licensing process. They will also happily answer ALL your questions, about the TNC license, or even getting an Uber vehicle (if you need one).
  • An on-site Uber expert will help you submit your TLC application with the help of an Uber expert.
  • An Uber expert will help you take the TLC-required medical exam for (free of charge).
  • An Uber representative will show you the process of changing your ordinary DMV license into the required Class E license.
  • Added Bonus! You will receive a $250 gift card (which you will be able to use after your first Uber NYC trip).

     3. Finish Your Application 

  • Simply send in your documents to TLC, via email.
  • Schedule a free WAV class at an Uber NYC Greenlight Center.

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