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Uber recently began testing out a limited rewards system for drivers in Washington DC and Los Angeles called the ‘Metals Program’.  The Metals Program is technically part of Uber’s Momentum Program for high-performing drivers, and can be used by ambitious drivers to substantially increase the amount of money they earn while driving for Uber.

What is the Metals Program?

Momentum’s Metals Program is a rewards program based on the overall frequency of driver’s completed trips, and it is similar in many way to Uber’s Power Driver Plus Program.

The program essentially offers bonuses to Uber drivers in the form of surge multipliers — i.e., if drivers complete a certain number of rides in a given week, they will be eligible for a bonus in the form surge-value (higher value) rides.

  • 25 weekly rides = Silver
  • 50 weekly rides = Gold
  • 75 weekly rides = Platinum

If drivers complete or exceed any of the Metal thresholds in a given week, they will then qualify for a surge multiplier in the following week (*the surge multiplier will only be applied to rides which occur at certain times, within certain areas, and in specific cities).

How does it work?

Here is a link to the Active Reward Zone in Washington DC (inside this zone, Metal Drivers will be able to take trips which qualify for surge-multiplication).

For instance, an Uber Platinum driver in Washington DC will likely receive 2.2X the regular fare for each trip, constituting a major increase in cash earnings for high-performing Uber drivers.

Drivers must keep their weekly ride total up — if they stop driving for one week, they risk losing their Metal Status.

To regain their Metal status, drivers must start again, passing the minimum ride threshold for each Metal Type.

Uber Driver-Partners will be informed via email of their current status every week.

Will the Metals Program be expanded to include other cities?

For now, the Metals Program is only available in Washington DC and Los Angeles — but, it’s possible the program will be expanded in the near future.

Be on the lookout for new Driver Rewards programs in 2019.

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