Uber Multiple Stops

Uber Multiple Destinations – Making Multiple Stops With Uber

Uber more than one destination

For Riders:

Is it possible to make multiple stops with Uber?

The answer is: Yesbut it will affect your overall trip fare.

Your Uber trip’s cost is determined largely by the distance your vehicle has travelled, and the time you’ve spent inside a driver’s vehicle.

If you request your Uber driver to make a stop during a trip, you will, of course, be extending the duration of the trip – as such, the meter will still be running even if your vehicle comes to a halt. In other words: waiting time is included in the overall cost of your Uber trip.

All of a passenger’s ‘added destinations’ (and any subsequent waiting times) will be added to a trip’s final cost. Simply put: any & all stops made after your Uber trip has formally begun will contribute to the ultimate cost of your Uber trip.

For Drivers:

It is always a possibility that an Uber passenger may ask you to make multiple stops during a single trip (en route to their final destination).

If this occurs, it is standard procedure to simply add the new destination to your route.

Your meter will continue running (as normal) even if your passenger gets out of the vehicle at an intermediary destination & eventually returns.

Remember: in order to receive your proper fare, hit ‘complete trip’ after you have reached your ultimate destination (and your passenger has exited your vehicle for the final time).

*It’s worth noting — for certain trips (such as traveling between airports and metropolitan areas) Uber drivers are often charged a ‘flat rate’. If a rider requests multiple stops during a ‘flat rate trip’, it’s important to go into your Uber Driver App and choose: Fare Adjustment, and then select Flat Rate Trip Included Stops, in order for your received fare to be properly calculated.

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