Uber New Orleans Airport

Uber New Orleans Airport 2019 – Uber Louis Armstrong International Airport (MSY)

Below is a guide to using Uber at New Orlean’s Louis Armstrong International Airport in Lousiana (MSY).

We cover rules for both Uber passengers & Uber drivers.

This guide has four sections:

  1. For Riders: Getting Picked Up by Uber at MSY
  2. For Riders: Getting Dropped Off by Uber at MSY
  3. For Drivers: Picking Up Passengers at MSY
  4. For Drivers: Dropping Passengers Off at MSY

1. Riders: Getting Picked Up by Uber at MSY:

To arrange an Uber Pick up at Louis Armstrong  Airport:

2. Riders: Getting Dropped Off by Uber at MSY

It is now permitted for riders to get dropped off at MSY by Uber.

Simply request an Uber as you normally would, and input your preferred MSY terminal as your final destination.

3. Drivers: Picking Up Passengers at MSY

Louis Armstrong International Airport Uber Rules & Regulations:

In order to receive a request at Louis Armstrong Interntional Airport (MSY), you cannot be on airport property.  Uber drivers must navigate and park their vehicles in Cell Phone Lot C while waiting for passenger requests. The airport works on a FIFO system (first in – first out, i.e., the most-recent vehicle inside Cell Phone Lot C will receive the first passenger request, etc).



Uber Pick-Ups – MSY Ground Transportation Center

Navigate to the Ground Transportation Center (map above), and head to the “App-Based Ride Services” zone and park in a numbered spot.

After you have parked, drivers should text/call their passengers & give them the number of the parking space where parked.

Louis Armstrong Airport – Waiting Times (MSY Uber Pick-Ups)

Average wait time at MSY is approximately 40 minutes
Longest wait times occur on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Shortest wait times occur Wednesday; Thursday; Fridays (8pm – 11 pm).
Saturday and Sunday wait times are often OVER 30 minutes.
Longest wait times are in the morning (every day, except Friday). Morning/A.M. wait times are usually OVER one hour.

Proof of Waybill — Necessary for Uber Drivers Operating at MSY Airport


To Pick Up passengers at MSY, you must display trade dress:


4. Drivers: Dropping Off Uber Passengers at MSY

To drop off customers at MSY, simply follow the procedures of a normal Uber ride, and drop off your passenger at their requested departure terminal.

An Airport Permit is NOT required to drop off passengers at MSY Airport.

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