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Uber Owner – Who Owns Uber?

Uber Owner – Profile of Uber’s Owners & CEO

Who owns Uber Technologies Inc.?

Travis Kalanick is the CEO and owner (and public face) of Uber Technologies Inc — however, a variety of private companies and investors are technically the true ‘owners’ of Uber Technologies Inc, which is not yet a publicly-owned company.

Who Owns Uber?

Although Travis Kalanick is the public face of Uber Technologies (and the company’s CEO) Uber is actually owned by a group of different individuals, organizations and private funds.

Individual Uber Owners:

Between 2010 and 2011, Uber had three seed funding rounds, which diluted Uber’s initial owner stakes, as well as subsequent rounds of private funding with large corporations like Google, Toyota and Microsoft.


uber owner travis kalanick

  • Travis Kalanick, Uber’s ex-CEO and Co-Founder, is estimated to own between  6%  – 10.4% of Uber.


ryan graves uber owner executive

  • Uber’s second-most-powerful executive behind Kalanick, Ryan Graves serves as Uber’s Senior Vice President of Global Operations (and is also an Uber Board Member). Graves is a partial owner of Uber (although his total ownership percentage  remains undisclosed).


  • Garret Camp is an Uber owner and Co-Founder. As Chairman of Uber, Camp is believed to own 5-6% of Uber Technologies Inc.

Corporate Uber Owners:

A group of external companies, and private investment groups, have invested in Uber since 2010:

  • Baidu, the Asian search engine company, owns an undisclosed amount of Uber, after investing in the company in 2014.
  • BlackRock Inc (BLK) has invested approximately $175 million in Uber.
  • Alphabet Inc (GOOG). Google Ventures has invested heavily in Uber — approximately $258 million to date.
  • Microsoft Corp (MSFT) owns a significant amount of Uber, having invested around $137 million in the company since 2015.
  • Fidelity Investments’ Funds (Contrafund, OTC Portfolio, Growth Company) has invested $425 million in Uber Technologies Inc.
  • In 2016, Toyota made a private investment in Uber — although the exact amount of Toyota’s investment remains undisclosed.

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