Uber Partner Fuel Card

Uber Gas Card

What is the Uber Partner Fuel Card?

Since Summer 2015, Uber has been offering a special Uber Fuel Card to select drivers, as part of its Momentum Rewards program.

Issued by MasterCard and FleetCor, Uber’s Fuel Card will let Uber drivers receive discounts up to 15 cents per gallon, available at thousands of gas-station locations across the United States.

Using the fuel card, Uber drivers are allowed up to $200 of fuel purchases per week — and purchases will be conveniently deducted from driver earnings.


Who is eligible for a Mastercard/FleetCor Uber Gas Card?

To be eligible, Uber Drivers must complete 100 rides in a preceding month (or have completed 100 rides in their first month).

Once drivers have completed the minimum number of trips, they simply visit partners.uber.com/rewards to claim their cards. Gas cards will arrive within 5-7 business days.

User’s Fuel Card is part of Uber’s wider Momentum rewards program (details available here), which offers select discounts on health insurance and car maintenance across a variety of locations.


What are the benefits?

Unlike regular credit cards, Uber drivers are not required to submit to credit checks in order to receive an Uber gas card. An Uber Gas Card allows drivers to access gas money immediately & upfront, and pay off their expenses as they work.

In essence, an Uber gas card can help new Uber drivers get started on their ridesharing business, by providing them with immediate savings & rewards as they begin transporting riders fares.

Uber’s Gas Card offers a total of 1.5% off gas purchases (anywhere MasterCard is accepted).

In addition, over 15,000 gas stations across the U.S. accept the Uber Gas Card. Nearly 3000 stations offer discounts between 3 – 9 cents per gallon.

Finding Gas Stations

Drivers can look through an interactive map on the Uber app to find the closest and best gas deals. Uber’s interactive gas station maps delineate between three tiers of gas savings:

  • 5-9 Cents Per Gallon
  • 10-14 Cents Per Gallon
  • 15+ Cents Per Gallon

West Coast


Central United States

East Coast


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