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I Forgot My Uber password! How to Reset Uber Passwords (2019)

Did you forget your Uber password? Lost your Uber Password? Locked out of your Uber account?
If you’ve forgotten your Uber password, the good news is: it’s simple to retrieve.
Resetting Uber Passwords
Simply visit this link to reset your Uber password.
You’ll have to to enter your email address, or the phone number associated with your Uber account.

After a few moments (or up to five minutes), you will receive an email with an active link to a page with allows you to reset your Uber password. The link contained in the email can only be used once.
If you do not open the link in under 10 minutes, you will have to begin the process over again, and retrieve a fresh link. 

Note: if you’re in the process of resetting your password, remember to use a unique password for your Uber account (i..e, don’t use a common password, or a password that you share with other systems, such as your email address or your computer password). 
What if I still can’t reset my password, or if I’m not able to gain access to my account?

If you are unable to reset your password or access your account, please get in touch with us at Account and Payment > Unable to Sign In > “My password reset link isn’t working”.

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