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Uber Daily Pay 2019 – Uber Payfare – How do Uber drivers get paid?

Uber partnered with Payfare (a technology company that provides mobile banking to gig-economy works) to help its drivers get paid anytime they want.

Payfare works in conjunction with MasterCard to provide Uber drivers with a Mastercard & bank account, allowing rideshare drivers maximum convenience & income management.

Payfare Daily Pay – An Overview

Payfare’s Daily Pay gives Uber drivers the choice of when they get paid.

Payfare allows Uber drivers to deposit their driving revenue every morning to a ‘Payfare MasterCard’ account.

If you need cash instantly, Payfare’s Daily Pay program gives drivers the ability to ‘cash out’ their earnings at any time they wish (*with a maximum limit of 5 times each day).

Uber drivers in possession of a Payfare Mastercard can:

  • Withdraw their earnings at any ATM in North America
  • Use Interac e-Transfer to transfer / send money to other individuals or accounts.
  • Use their Payfare Card for ordinary purchases / transactions, at any store or retail institution where MasterCard is normally accepted

Payfare account fees & charges:

  • $2.50 ATM Withdrawal (although owner surcharges can sometimes apply, depending on the ATM, Payfare helps drivers locate surcharge-free ATMs via the Payfare mobile app).
  • 50 cent Earnings Deposit Fee (50 cents is charged to a driver, every time their earnings are deposited to a card. However, drivers incur NO fee if their daily earnings total less than $20 USD).
  • 2.5% Foreign Exchange Fee (Payfare offers a low 2.5% fee for out-of-country money transfers).
  • No hidden fees.
  • No monthly or annual Payfare card fees.
  • No fees or charges when making purchases online.
  • No fees or charges when making purchases in a store.
  • Payfare has NO cancellation fees.
  • Payer has NO sign-up fees.

All transactions and account information can be organized in Payfare’s mobile app.

You can download the mobile App here:

Other Benefits – Roadside Assistance with Payfare

Once you download the Payfare App & Sign up for a Payfare card, not only will you be able to view your transaction history, deposits, balance, and generally manage your account 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but you’ll also benefit from some great perks:

  • Emergency Roadside Assistance (free of charge)
  • Roadside Assistance across the United States (24 hours a day; seven days a week)
  • Roadside Assistance coverage includes: flatbed services; free towing, maximum 25 kilometers; tire change services; emergency jump start services; emergency lock out services; fuel delivery services.
  • The Payfare mobile app also helps you locate the nearest surcharge-free ATM.

Sign up for Payfare

Interested in signing up for a Payfare card & account, and being able to cash out Uber earnings anytime you want?

Sign-Up for Payfare today!

Sign up to drive with Uber or Lyft for a cash bonus!

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