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UberPEDAL – What is UberPEDAL?

Uber Bike Rack

Stuck with your bike in the pouring rain? Stranded far from home with a popped tire? Biked too far and don’t have the energy to pedal home?

Great news – bike riders everywhere will be thrilled to know that they can now take their bicycle with them in an Uber vehicleUberPEDAL has expanded across the country, and is now available in many cities throughout North America.

What is UberPEDAL?

UberPEDAL is nearly identical to Uber’s regular UberX service (that anybody can request via an app on their phone), but with an added bonus: a $5 surcharge will get you a driver with a car equipped with a Saris bike rack.

This new feature means that riders, if they request an UberPEDAL, can now easily attach their bikes to their Uber vehicles.

UberPEDAL uses Saris bike racks (some of the best American-made bike racks on the market) to ensure your bicycle gets from Point A to Point B safely (and without any damage).

How many bikes can UberPEDAL vehicles hold?

UberPEDAL’s Saris bike racks are able to hold TWO bikes.

How To Request An UberPEDAL

Requesting an UberPEDAL is as simple as requesting a regular UberX ride.

  • Simply open your Uber App
  • Tap the person icon (located in the top-left-hand corner of your screen)
  • Select ‘Promotions.’
  • Riders must then input the promo code ‘PEDAL’ to unlock the specialized UberPEDAL vehicle screen.
  • From there, riders must select an ‘UberX’ ride, and then select the PEDAL option.
  • To finish off the process, hit Request and prepare for your trip!

*Note: As a nice gesture to your Uber driver, make sure you request a pickup and drop off area that the driver has room to safely pull over, and gives you enough room to attach your bike rack. Loading zones and parking areas generally work best for everyone involved.

How much does UberPEDAL cost?

Conveniently, UberPEDAL rides are identical to UberX rides (but with a $5 surcharge) – that’s it!

Limited Availability

Lastly, it’s important to remember: UberPEDAL drivers are usually of limited supply. Remain patient, and remember that the downtown core of your city will have to best reliability when it comes to availability of UberPEDAL vehicles.

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