Uber Phone Number

Uber Phone Number – Uber Contact Number

Uber phone number & Uber customer service number

Looking for the Uber customer service number?

To Contact Uber (in case of emergency), call their toll-free number at:

800-353-8237 (U B E R)

Contacting Uber

Uber does not have a traditional phone number (or maintain a regular ‘call center support staff’ which fields questions & inquiries). Instead, Uber relies on other methods of communicating with passengers & Uber Partners.

Most questions & inquiries are answered via email or through in-app support.

Uber Passengers:

If you’re an Uber passenger, and you’d like to get in touch with Uber, you can contact them using their Help Portal, or follow the guidelines outlined HERE for submitting a direct inquiry to Uber Support staff.

Uber Drivers:

For Uber Partners/Drivers, you can get in touch with Uber using in-app support, or by contacting them locally through a greenlight/local email address.

Drivers can also stop by their local Greenlight Hub and speak to Uber representatives in person.

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  • Grady Price

    I cannot get into my account pricegraydell@yahoo.com

  • Fekry Saad

    i need to feed my family
    pls help to active my account fks.saad@gmail.com
    it is my income to work for uber
    pls call me 7179470926

  • Thomas

    I am an Uber driver in New York and Uber did not reply to my text messages all night putting me out of work and frustrating me forcing me to go home .. not fair … It all started when I tried to go online. And then they asked me for face recognition. So as the vehicle wa in motion they asked me to pull over to put my face to the camera. After I did so the app said that my face did not match and the app deactivated my account. So I texted support for help And what no reply. No reply. No reply Really frustrating.

  • Thomas

    Does uber really care. No phone number for anyone to contact them Really sad I feel sorry and bad for all of us