Uber Pool Miami – South Florida

UberPOOL Miami (UberPOOL South Florida)

UberPOOL rates in Miami are up to 80% cheaper than UberX.

Base Fare: $0.95
Per Minute: $0.13
Per Mile: $0.85
Cancellation Fee: $5
Service Fee: $1.70

UberPOOL Miami serves the following area of South Florida (map below) from Palm City to Homestead.:


UberPOOL South Florida & Fort Lauderdale Rate Map (Zone Map):


UberPOOL Miami Beach Expansion Area:


  • UberPOOL Miami charges a $1.70 Safe Rides Fee.
  • UberPOOL Miami also charges a $5 Cancellation Fee if passengers take more than 2 Minutes to arrive at a waiting vehicle.


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