Uber Pool New York

UberPOOL New York

UberPOOL rates in New York, Manhattan & Brooklyn are up to 55% cheaper than regular UberX trips.

Base Fare: $2.55
Per Minute: $0.35
Per Mile: $1.75
Cancellation Fee: $10
Minimum Fare: $7

$5 Manhattan Special Fare

Starting in Summer 2016, UberPool Manhattan transitioned into a ‘commuting-style’ system in parts of Manhattan. The new system works as follows: During commuting hours (Between 7–10am and 5–8pm, Monday through Friday) in Manhattan, riders pay $5 for trips that begin and end below 125th Street.

It’s important to note that — in Manhattan, below 125th Street — riders must navigate to nearby street corners to access their UberPOOL rides (when requested within the above commuting hours).

Other Fees: 

  • UberPOOL New York also charges a $5 Cancellation Fee if passengers take more than 2 Minutes to arrive at a waiting vehicle.

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