Uber Pool San Francisco

UberPOOL San Francisco 2019

UberPOOL San Francisco Rates 2019:

Booking Fee: $1.55
Base Fare: $2.00
Minimum Fare: $7.00 (per chain*)
Per Minute: $0.15
Cancellation Fee: $2
Per Mile: $1.10
*An UberPOOL “chain” is defined as: all individual rider trips within the full trip.

South Bay & East Bay UberPOOL Rates:
Booking Fee: $1.55
Base Fare: $1.75
Minimum Fare: $7.00
Per Minute: $0.10
Per Mile: $0.75
Cancellation Fee: $2

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Savings & Fees:

  • UberPOOL San Francisco reduces the cost of Uber rides up to 40%.
  • Even on unmatched rides, passengers will save up to 20% compared to a regular UberX rides.
  • UberPOOL San Francisco charges a $2 Cancellation Fee if passengers take more than 2 Minutes to arrive at a waiting vehicle.

Special Deals in San Francisco:

UberPOOL service for $7 includes the following areas of Northeast San Francisco (coverage map below):


UberPOOL rides that extend beyond north-east San Francisco will still be 40% off (versus UberX), if you are picked up along Columbus Avenue, Polk Street, or Mission Street.


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Have more questions? Get in touch with San Francisco Support at: partnerssf@uber.com

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