Uber Premium Feature

UberPREMIUM – An Experience In Luxury

UberPREMIUM – What Is Uber Premium?

UberPREMIUM is a feature for passengers who want ta more luxurious experience during their Uber ride.

Uber Premium trips designed to be a step above everyday transportation. UberPREMIUM uses only the best cars available in your location, to get you from Point A to Point B. This feature can be used in any scenario (from a high-class commute; to daily travel; or the celebration of a special event).

What Kind of Cars Can I Expect With Uber PREMIUM?

UberPREMIUM recognizes the luxury in today’s cars and only uses the best cars available for your best Uber experience. Car makes by BMW, Lincoln, Mercedes, etc. are typically found during Uber PREMIUM rides. UberPREMIUM makes sure that only the most professional Uber drivers are available to drive you where you need to go.

How Much Does UberPREMIUM Cost?

UberPREMIUM prices vary per location, just like regular Uber prices. Visiting uber.com/fare-estimate if you’re looking for average UberPREMIUM fares in your location.

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