Uber Promo Codes for Existing Users Guide 2019

Uber promo codes for existing users: The ultimate guide for Uber promo codes and ride credits for existing users.

Here is our list with 4 options on how to receive Uber discounts even as an existing user. You’ll be surprised how simple and effective these options can be!

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Uber Promo Codes for Existing Users

A lot of regular Uber users try to find Uber coupons to get free rides. You probably signed up using an Uber promo code for a first free ride and are wondering, if there’s a way to get Uber codes for free rides as an existing user. The answer to this is yes, there is a way for existing users to obtain uber offers and receive free ride credit.

The bad news is that there are currently no Uber promo codes for existing users that let you obtain free rides. Uber codes for free riders only work for first time users who haven’t used the app before. For more information on how to get a first free Uber ride, see our guide on promo code for Uber.

The good news is that there are ways for existing Uber users to obtain free ride credit and we’ll show you 4 different options here:

1. Uber Discount Rider Referral Program

Uber offers the possibility for existing users to refer new riders and receive free ride credit in return. The referred new rider gets his own first free Uber ride. Direct user referrals are a very effective strategy for companies to generate sustainable growth. Uber generally encourages its passengers to invite as many new riders as they wish to.

Use the referral program in these three easy steps:

Step 1: Tab the menu bar in your Uber app

As you tab the menu bar, a few options pop up. To share your Uber promotion code, tab “Free Rides”.

Uber promo codes for existing users

Step 2: Send invite for Uber promo code

Next, you’ll see a screen with your invite code. This is your personalized “Uber coupon” to give away to anyone who’s never used Uber before. Tab “send invites” and you’ll be taken to the next step.

Uber promo codes

Step 3: Select how you want to share your code

The last step you need to take to share your Uber discount code is simply to select your preferred method of sharing. You can directly email your Uber coupons, text them, Whatsapp them, etc. from your app. Once your friends have claimed their free ride, you’ll receive your free ride in return. This is the most simple way to get Uber promo codes for existing users. You can give free rides to as many people as you want. it’s a great way to ride for free for a long time…depending on how many friends you have.

Uber Codes

2. Share your Uber codes on social media

Still looking for more ways to get Uber promo codes for existing users? Here’s another one. Share your personalized invite code on your social media profiles. You can directly do this through your app, as described above, and then simply select your favorite social media outlet directly in the app (For example Facebook). You can also just type your personal Uber promo code and post it on the social media platforms you like. Your friends will certainly appreciate a free first ride!

3. Uber promo code on business cards

Another way to give away your Uber discount code is to simply print business cards with your name on them and a personal invite for a free Uber ride (Just put your first name on it, if you’d like to be more anonymous). You’ll be surprised how well that works and how many people still have never used Uber before. We’ve heard stories of people handing their Uber codes to people who get out of cabs in front of clubs and bars during the weekends. Chances are, if they get out of a cab, that they’ve never used Uber before.

4. Your Uber coupon on Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards or message boards are typically found in entrance areas of grocery stores, gyms, libraries, churches, apartment complexes, pharmacies and countless other public buildings in your neighborhood. It’s the board where people share their messages, such as: “table for sale” or “piano lessons”, “Spanish lessons”, etc. These message boards usually have a time limit for how long your message can stay on. You can even set up a regular tour to the same message boards to post your Uber coupons again.

Never used Uber before?

If you’ve never used Uber before, simply claim your first free or discounted ride here! 

Uber Promo Code - Free Ride free Uber ride with Uber promo code - nickf1038

  • Get your free Uber ride by using this promo code link – idrivewithuber.com/UberPromo
  • Download the Uber app on the App Store or the Play Store.
  • Go to the promotions tab on the menu bar and enter this promo code > nickf1038
  • Enter your payment information
  • Enjoy your free ride!
  • Read more here for a detailed guide

Already using Uber? Try Lyft for free

As an existing Uber user or someone who’s never used Lyft before, you can get a free ride  $5 with Lyft! Lyft’s first time rider discount is less known than the Uber promotion code. Download the Lyft app and type in > IDWU and enjoy your free Lyft ride!

2017 Lyft Promo Code IDWU Free Ride

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