Uber Re-Match Program

Uber Re-Match

What is Uber Re-Match?

Re-Match is a recent program unveiled by Uber, which effectively allows Uber drivers to maximize their Uber profits by making sure their airport drop-offs are ‘matched’ with a new airport pickup.

All Uber services – including UberX, UberXL, UberBLACK and UberSUV – are eligible for Re-Match.

How does Uber Re-Match work?

Re-Match works in a reasonably straightforward way:

When using Re-Match, Uber drivers (who have recently completed an airport dropoff) begin to receive pickup requests while still at the airport.

The advantage that Re-Match confers is that: drivers do NOT have to travel into (or wait within) an airport’s adjoining FIFO zone or Rideshare Staging Lot in order to receive passenger pick-up requests. Instead, they’re offered the immediate possibility of a ‘match’ after dropping off a passenger at an airport’s departure terminal.

Re-Match is meant to maximize driver efficiency & increase partner’s overall revenue stream, by increasing the likelihood that they are matched with a new passenger after they’ve just finished dropping off another.

What happens if there are no outstanding pick-up requests at the airport?

If an Uber driver is using Re-Match, and has just dropped off a passenger — and yet they do not receive requests under a span of 3 minutes — they will receive a text message instructing them to head to a nearby First – In – First – Out (FIFO) area, in order to await requests from arriving airport passengers in a designated virtual queue.

Re-Match aims at matching incoming passengers & drivers who are in the same general area — however, if there are no nearby requests, Re-Match will not always guarantee a constant stream of airport pickups. Instead, the program is meant to increase the chance and frequency of driver pickups, not guarantee 100% of airport re-matches outright.

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