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Free Uber Rides 2019 – Uber Payment Rewards

Uber’s Loyalty Program Partnership with Capital Rewards. 

Although Uber does not currently have a regular, widely-available loyalty program in the United States, it does have a new program with Capital One which functions very similarly to a loyalty program.

How does it work?

The new Capital One program works like a loyalty-points-based program, which rewards customers for frequent Uber trips.

The catch is, receiving & accumulating loyalty points is dependent on signing up with Capital One for either of two possible cards:

  • The Capital One Quicksilver Card


  • The Capital One QuicksilverONE Card.

The basic rewards structure is as follows: once you’ve signed up & are using your Quicksilver card to pay for Uber rides, every tenth Uber ride is FREE (although each free ride is capped at $15 value). 

How do I unlock Payment Rewards?

Once you have your card, and you’ve assigned it as your payment method for your Uber account, unlocking & accessing payment rewards is easy.

  1. Simply Tap UNLOCK RIDE DISCOUNTS on the payment menu within Uber’s app (on your smartphone).
  2. You’ll be able to track your progress, and see how close you are to receiving your next free Uber trip (a Green Progress Bar will appear in both the payment menu, as well as when you request a ride on your smartphone).
  3. When you have unlocked a free ride, you don’t have to use it immediately. In fact, you are free to save it for later (simply select SAVE FOR LATER)

Visual Guide:







Where is Uber Payment Rewards available?

Uber’s Capital One Payment Rewards program is available anywhere in the United States.

Apply here for a Quicksilver or Quicksilver One card, or to review the user terms and regulations.

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