Uber SafetyNet

Uber SafetyNet

What is Uber SafetyNet?

Uber recently launched a new product, SafetyNet – an expansion of the company’s ShareMyETA feature (a program that allowed riders to share trip details with friends & family embers quickly and easily).

SafetyNet works be allowing Uber passengers to choose up to five contacts who can get active information on their Uber trips.

Information which is sent to pre-selected contacts includes:

  • Uber Trip Routes
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • A driver’s first name
  • Vehicle information, including make & model.

With two quick taps of a button, passengers can relay all of their Uber trip details to any one (or all) of their five contacts.

No SMS plan needed

With SafetyNet, Uber passengers don’t require an SMS plan on their phone in order to relay their trip status to contacts. Uber sends out information from internal company servers — meaning that rider and contacts can rely on having update trip information and tracking abilities, regardless of whether a passenger has an active phone or data plan.

Where is Uber SafetyNet Available?

SafetyNet is available throughout the United States.

Setting up SafetyNet:

1:  Choose ‘Add Emergency Contacts’.


2. Choose your selected contacts from your phone.


3. Select ‘Send Status to Contacts’.


4.  Choose ‘Send’.


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