Uber Saved Places

Uber Saved Places

How Uber Saved Places works – What is Uber Saved Places?

Many regular Uber-users have addresses that they go to frequently.

To help streamline the Uber Passenger experience, Uber recently added a new feature called Saved Places to its App.

Saved Places makes it easy for passengers to keep addresses ‘bookmarked’ in their mobile devices, inside an easily-accessible list of frequent-use destinations.

When using Saved Places, Uber passengers are also able to customize the names of particular addresses, in any way they wish (they can also use images, like emojis, to highlight special locations).

How does Uber Saved Places work?

Using Uber Saved Places is simple:

Adding Addresses to your Saved Places List

Once a rider is heading towards a frequently-used address, they will see an option to save that address inside the ‘Uber Feed’.

Riders will easily be able to add the address to their Saved Places portfolio.

Using Saved Places to Quickly Navigate to a Saved Address

When you want to input a ‘saved place’, simply select “Where to?” in the Uber App, and then navigate to “more saved places”. You will see a list of saved addresses.

A passenger’s Saved Places list will sometimes appear on the Uber App’s home screen “shortcuts” (if Uber’s algorithm predicts that a passenger is heading to a particular destination – thereby streamlining and expediting the travel process).

uber saved places how uber saved places works

Where is Saved Places available?

Currently, Uber’s Saved Places Feature is only available in the United States.

Saved Places debuted internationally in 2017.

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