Uber Scheduled Rides

What are Uber Scheduled Rides?

ScheduledRides-Flow-in-Phone-2Many Uber customers have expressed a desire for an advanced car-scheduling feature to be added to Uber’s existing Rider App — allowing passengers to schedule rides days in advance (similar to many black car and town car services).

Responding to popular demand, Uber is beginning to rollout a program called Scheduled Rides.

With Scheduled Rides, passengers can request an Uber vehicle up to 30 days in advance (or 30 minutes ahead of time), and be certain that an Uber vehicle will appear at a specified time.

Scheduled Rides — Allowing Greater Convenience and Forward Planning:

For now, the Scheduled Rides program is aimed at business travelers, who wish to book Uber rides in the fashion of a black town car service.

Scheduled Rides allows travelers to book and schedule a ride well in advance, with only a few taps of a smartphone — passengers simply need to select their pickup date, pickup time, location, and their ultimate destination.

No extra fees, hassle, or hidden charges.

How does Uber’s Scheduled Rides System Work?

Using Scheduled Rides is easy. Simply follows these steps:

  1. Schedule your ride: Select UberX and select the feature “Schedule a Ride”, which allows riders to request a trip up to 30 days ahead of time.
  2. Set your pickup info: Select your pickup date, location, time, and final destination. You will be able to see your fare estimate within the app.
  3. Confirm your ride: Check over the details of your upcoming ride, and simply tap “Schedule UberX.” Riders are able to easily edit, change or even cancel a Scheduled Ride at any point before a ride is dispatched.
  4. Receive your ride notification: Uber will send out a reminder on the day of a Scheduled Ride Trip, and notify riders when a vehicle is en-route. Uber will also inform passengers if any extra charges or surge pricing is in-effect.

Where is Scheduled Rides available?

Starting in Summer 2016, Uber began gradually expanding Scheduled Rides. At first, it became available in Seattle (June 9th), with plans to gradually expand across the United States through 2016.  Check your Uber App updates for information on when it arrives in your city.

Is there an additional charge when using the Scheduled Rides feature?

No. Scheduled Rides has the exact same pricing structure as a regular UberX trip. The only thing that’s worth noting is that your ride is subject to whatever pricing conditions prevail at the time of your ride (i.e., if your ride occurs during a surge period, it will cost more, etc).

Is it possible to cancel a Scheduled Ride?

Yes. Riders are allowed to cancel anytime they wish, as long as it is before your vehicle is actually dispatched, or at least 5 minutes after dispatch (Uber’s standard policy for UberX in most cities) without incurring a cancellation charge.

Is Scheduled Rides compatible across all Uber Services and Vehicle Types?

No. For now, Scheduled Rides is only available on UberX, although Uber expects to expand the service in the near future to incorporate all car & service types.

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