Uber Selfie ID Check

Uber Real Time ID Check – How does Uber’s selfie ID check work?

Uber Selfie Verification

Uber recently unveiled a new security system, called ‘Real-Time ID Check‘, that uses Microsoft’s Cognitive Services facial-recognition software to monitor the identity of its drivers.

By the end of 2016, Uber had expanded the program across a variety of cities within the United States, and has plans to expand the system internationally.

On a functional level, Uber’s ‘selfie’ verification system (as its known colloquially), prompts Uber drivers to take a selfie each time they go online with the Uber Driver platform.

Uber alleges that the system helps ensures passenger safety, by guaranteeing that — whoever is driving an Uber vehicle — is an actual Uber Partner, and not an unaffiliated third-party driver.

Simultaneously, Real-Time ID Check is meant to protect against identity fraud (on behalf of drivers), and prevent untrained or unregistered drivers from driving a car they are not permitted to use.

How does Uber’s Real Time ID Check Work?

  • Uber drivers (regardless of service type – UberX, UberBLACK, UberSELECT, etc) are prompted to take a selfie within their Uber Driver App whenever they go online.
  • Uber’s Real Time ID System cross-references a Driver’s Selfie with a database photo that each driver has on-file (i.e., Uber uses Microsoft’s Cognitive Services Software to dynamically compare the selfie with the Uber database photo).
  • If the two photos match, the Uber trip proceeds as normal.
  • However – if the selfie and the original photo DO NOT match – it is possible that a driver’s Uber account has been compromised. In this event, a driver’s account will be immediately blocked, preventing them from completing additional trips until Uber has investigated and resolved the situation.

uber selfie verification uber real time id check how it works 2017

Uber alleges that Real-Time ID has near-100% effectivity as an identify-verification system, and that — because selfies only takes 10-15 seconds for drivers to complete — Real-Time ID will likely be added as a permanent addition to Uber’s driver-security protocol.

Uber’s selfie program is only one recent program amidst a larger security initiative for riders and drivers, including recent programs like Uber’s Share My ETA feature (also know as SafetyNet).

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