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Uber Shortcut 2019 – How does Uber Shortcuts work?

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Uber Shortcuts is a central part of Uber’s major new app redesign. It is a dynamic app feature — essentially, it ”learns” from a passenger’s past travel experiences, and incorporates frequent trip patterns & routines into a personalized app profile for maximum convenience.

Rather than manually typing in a frequent destination (like your favorite restaurant, best friend’s house, or your workplace), the app will simply feature them as shortcuts.

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What are some of the core features of Uber Shortcuts?

Uber riders will now be shown (upfront) a variety of trip “shortcuts” on the home screen of their Uber App — shortcuts which automatically predict where you might be headed.

Shortcuts is another step towards optimizing the Uber App experience — cutting down repetitive tasks and automating data-inputting, to the benefit of riders.

Some notable features of Uber Shortcuts include:

  • No need to input addresses (shortcuts will remember your addresses and suggest destinations dynamically)
  • Calendar Syncing (riders will be able to sync their personal calendars with Uber, so that Uber trips can all be pre-planned days or weeks in advance.
  • Friends = Destinations (Uber’s new app, via shortcuts, will allow passengers to sync their Uber network with friends, tying everyone together in a virtual tapestry of Uber users — effectively allowing rides to tap on a friend’s name without inputting a physical address (in order to travel directly to wherever they are).

Alongside shortcuts, other app features will be more prominent, such as upfront pricing — making it easier to compare prices across all of Uber’s vehicle types, as well as instantly viewing your estimated time of arrival.

how does uber shortcuts work

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