Uber Suggested Pickup Locations

Uber Suggested Pickup Points

What are Suggested Pickup Points?

In some markets, Uber has introduced a new feature — called Suggested Pickup Points or Suggested Pickup Locations — which are pre-determined stops which help expedite passenger pick-up times and lower trip duration.

Why has Uber introduced Suggested Pickup Points?

In big cities like New York or Los Angeles, Uber has sometimes used Suggested Pickup Points as a means of making vehicle pickups easier for drivers and riders.

How do Suggested Pickup Points work?

Your Uber App might suggest nearby pickup locations close to where you’d like to be picked up.

Suggested pickup locations will show up as green dots on your Uber App.

The green dots indicate locations where past riders have been successfully (and quickly) picked up in the past.


Can passengers change Uber’s Suggested Pickup Points?

Yes. Uber riders are entirely free to move the pin on your map to any of these points.

How do riders change Uber’s Suggested Pickup Points?

When choosing a pickup location, the Uber App may ask riders to select a “Quicker pickup nearby” after they’ve selected SET PICKUP LOCATION.

When passengers tap ‘OK’, their pin will move automatically to Suggested Pickup Locations.

If passengers instead tap ‘NO THANKS’, they will be free to set their location pin by themselves.

But why are certain pickup locations fixed on UberCOMMUTE or UberPOOL?

In some markets — and only on special Uber services like UberCOMMUTE or UberPOOL — pickup locations will be completely fixed — i.e., locations are not suggested…they are fixed.

These special route locations are not changeable, and passengers must walk to a pre-set location in order to be picked up.

The reason for this is because services like UberPOOL (in some markets) and UberCOMMUTE function by operating along set routes — and vehicles will not (and cannot) make minor path deviations to pick up passengers.

Read more about UberPOOL services here.

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