Uber TLC Car Rental New York

Uber TLC Rental New York – Uber TLC car rent

In New York, it’s possible to rent a TLC-approved car directly from Uber.

Uber’s New York TLC rental option is meant to simplify options for Uber driver-partners in the New York region (*including neighboring New Jersey).

The rental program is aimed at drivers who may not own (or currently be leasing) a vehicle, as well as prospective applicants who are interested in driving for Uber, but do not have access to a car.

Uber also offers a ‘lease-to-own’ program in NYC and NJ, whereby renters who sign lease-to-own contracts ultimately acquire their vehicles after a minimum of 104 weeks (and a maximum of 185 weeks), depending on vehicle rented.

How does the Uber TLC Rental Program work?

All of Uber’s TLC rental cars come equipped with TLC plates, and the price of rental includes insurance coverage.

The process of renting a TLC vehicle from Uber is streamlined – Uber advertises that renters (after committing to a rental deal) will be able to start driving their vehicles for the platform within two or three days.

Uber’s TLC vehicle rentals are flexible.

Each rental requires a minimum two week commitment period.

Commitment periods are longer for lease-to-own vehicles, however, the overall cost is far less per week (and renters acquire ownership of the car once the lease term is over).

If drivers finish sixty-five trips in Manhattan/New York City within one week, Uber reimburses their account for the cost of two weeks rental (i.e., up to $415 per week, depending on vehicle rented). Drivers rent their preferred vehicle from a local dealership – see links below.

*Note: If Uber drivers begin their lease period anytime between Monday and Wednesday, they will be eligible for the $0 per week offer starting the same week.

If drivers begin their lease anytime between Thursday and Sunday, the $0 per week offer will officially begin the upcoming Monday.

What TLC vehicles are available for rent?

Vehicles available to rent for NYC and NJ Uber Driver Partners:

Are all drivers eligible to rent TLC vehicles in the NYC and NJ region?

Uber drivers based in New York must already have an up-to-date TLC license to rent a TLC vehicle from Uber.

Sample of Lease Terms for Uber TLC vehicle rentals in NYC:

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