Uber Trip Tracker

Uber Trip Tracker 2019

What is Uber Trip Tracker?

In 2016, Uber introduced a feature called Family Profiles, which allowed users to put multiple friends & family under the umbrella of a central account.

They recently introduced a follow-up feature to Family Profiles called Trip Tracker, which helps track the trips & monitor the safety of family and friends when they’re not being accompanied by  trip planner or guardian.

How does Uber Trip Tracker work?

With Trip Tracker, automatic notifications are sent to a central user, informing a guardian or friend of a trip’s progress. Simultaneously, Trip Track offers users the ability to follow along on a real-time map of a trip’s overall progress — anytime someone who’s under your Family Profile Network is traveling via Uber.

With Trap Tracker, whenever one of your friends or family members is heading out on a trip – it’s easy to know which route they’ll be taking, if they’re still travelling, and when (and where) they’ve arrived.

Follow these steps to use Uber Family Profiles Trip Tracker:

  1.     Be certain you have the latest version of the Uber’s moble App installed on your smartphone.
  2.     Set up ‘Family Profiles’ on your Uber App.
  3.     When a friend or family member (who is part of your Family Profile Network) takes a ride with Uber, you will  be notified & updated on their ongoing trip details.
  4.     Follow the trip’s progress in realtime (via a map which appears on your own Uber app).
  5.     The cost of the Uber trip will be billed to you (owner of the Family Profiles Accout).
  6.     Both you, and the rider, will each receive a copy of the trip receipt.

Family Profiles and Trip Tracker are available in North America and across the world.

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