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How does UberVIP work?

UberVIP is a new program introduced by Uber in 2015, which functions as a ‘loyalty-style’ system for high-frequency Uber users.

Uber VIP Cities

UberVIP is available in select cities across the United States, specifically:

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • New York City, New York
  • Washington D.C.

UberVIP offers riders a few benefits:

  • A ‘VIP Driver’, which Uber specifies as ”drivers with a 4.8 rating (or above)”.
  • High Quality Vehicles
  • Parallel Pricing to UberX or UberBLACK
  • Exclusive Giveaways (special discounts to local attractions, and advanced notice of upcoming Uber-related promotions).

In most cities, UberVIP users can request VIP-rides for either UberX or UberBLACK. In other words, it’s possible to use UberX (Uber’s most basic service) and still benefit from requesting an UberVIP ride.

How can I access & use UberVIP?

First off, you’ll have to take 100 or more rides in an active Uber market in order to unlock the UberVIP program on your account. (*In some markets, like Atlanta, the ride threshold is actually much lower, at only 10 rides per month).

Once riders have crossed the trip-minimum, they will receive an email from Uber informing them that they have qualified for UberVIP.

When you open up the Uber App, you’ll see a VIP button near the Map screen on your phone. Simply select VIP (along with selecting whether you prefer UberX or UberBLACK) and you’ll be sent a driver with a 4.8 or higher ranking.

Are there any other rewards associated with UberVIP?

As of yet, the main benefit to UberVIP is receiving a high-quality vehicle and a driver with a high rating.

But, if you’re a frequent Uber customer, it might be worth joining the program now, as there have been reports that Uber plans to expand the program in the near future and offer greater rewards.

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